About Me

My Experience

I personally have a great experience with attuning clients to different energies of Reiki, Abundia, Violet Flame, Golden Love, Neptune and Amphitrite and many other.

My specializations are energies such as Pink Flame, Golden Flame, Coral, Seichim Reiki, communication with archangels and other.

Recently, I started offering intuitive readings of your problems a well.

You can receive any of these energy attunements by me, if you feel spiritually attracted to. I am ready here to help.

cleanings performed

The number on the left shows approximately how many times I have performed various kinds of clearings. It mostly includes the cleanings I perform everyday on myself and on my family members since 2010. Updated irregularly.



My”spiritual journey” started when I was a little kid – by reading Shakti Gawain’s Creative Visualization and Living In The Light. Those books opened a totally new world to me and created the thirst for various energy works. I “found” great teachers and masters who helped me.

First, I learned Reiki as the idea of influencing and healing body and mind through symbols was new to me. Then I ingested new and new attunements of various spiritual systems – Abundia, Violet Flame Reiki, Alpha, Neptune, Seichim, Ra-Sheeba and many others. But soon I have realized that something is missing. I lived “in high vibrations” but could not face the current world. To be grounded, the Universe directed me to learn “the pendulum stuff” – Spiritual response Therapy (or SRT) and the most important part – healing myself and people from black magic effects. This was a game changer as I could efficiently use energies from spiritual systems and yet stand firmly on the ground using the pendulum and charts. People started to contact and ask me, if I could help them, so I did.

I worked as a professional black magic “cleaner” for more than 13 years. I taught energy work and gave attunements in the US, Canada, some EU countries and United Kingdom. Regarding my job: I have a regular job with sometimes irregular working hours. I created this website merely for being a service for people, who would like to change their lives for better.

During the time I created “my own” unique system of cleaning and healing, which gives fast and permanent results. It took me a long time to perfect the method of cleaning, but the results are amazing with really positive feedback from his clients.

I consider myself being vegan, although I regularly eat fish. I love traveling to meet new people and learn from them.

What’s The Difference

  • black magic is cleaned much faster by than conventional healers using unique techniques and approach
  • I have a rich experience in cleaning people worldwide
  • Honestly, I really and exactly know what I am doing
  • By working with various positive entities I can assure you that you are getting the best
  • Also, I believe I communicate easily and understandably


    • a successful Canadian entrepreneur
    • various multinational corporations managers from the US, Germany, Great Britain…
    • US teachers and professors
    • a successful American businessman
    • infamous Australian coach and his wife
    • a British movie director
    • IT specialists
    • a presidential candidate (from large Asian country)
    • various spiritual people and many others

      You Can Also Personally Hire Me!

      You can hire me, so I can help you with the personal development.

      I am offering the following services:

      • clearing negative programs, beliefs, blocks, voodoo and other forms of black magic in person
      • attunements into Komyo Kai Reiki Level I-IV, Golden Love, Violet FlameAlpha and other healing energies
      • specific help with solving your personal problems and issues
      • teaching how to connect and work with your spiritual guide
      • get more information about how black magic works

      The services could be done for individuals as well as for groups. Kindly note that transport and lodging are your responsibility. I am currently living in Toronto. Just send me a request to my e-mail through contact page. Also available in Montreal, Laval, Vancouver, the United States or everywhere where a plane can land 🙂

      Note: recently I am offering the teaching of how to work with pendulum and charts.

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