Instant & Efficient Clearings of Curses, Spells. Removal of Negative Entities

HOW TO REMOVE BLACK MAGIC Curses And Harmful Entities


If you ever wanted to find a black magic removal expert or remove black magic by a pendulum and other ways then you are at the right place! It’s not a coincidence that you have ended up exactly here. Your inner spiritual guide brought you to see this website. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here at this moment.

My name is Tom. I am a black magic removal expert. I successfully removed any kind of black magic for more than 13000 clients. Many of my clients spent literally thousands of dollars to have their black magic removed. For most of them nothing or almost nothing changed. In other words they were scammed by someone. As a result, their hopes to make certain changes in their lives were taken away and now they are very cautions who they can trust. Please note, this will not happen with me. I have a lot of happy clients as I have affordable prices and years of experience removing black magic curses and spells. Most of my new clients come from my regular ones, who recommend me to them. Plus stealing money from other people is bad karma

instant removal of Spells, evil eye and voodoo

Some people believe that no one can remove black magic spells, magic words, or incantations and that people must suffer because they are too weak to fight them. But in reality, removal is usually very fast – you just need to know how to do it. You’ll also need protection against any powers, which are ready to harm you. Clearing the black magic and your spiritual protection is my job.

remove black magic

You can see me how I remove the black magic issues for one of my clients. I burn the candle to either destroy nearby negative entities or keep them in distance from the place. The wooden statue is the God of Protection from Maui. A native Samoan chieftain specifically crafted it for me and my wife.

Furthermore, on your right you can see precious stones, including communication pyramid  (a spiritual specialist carved it from lapis lazuli stone) and various powerful crystals. I always thoroughly clean the “workspace” before and after the session with the Violet flame chimes (far right). The chimes are “tuned” to note E (the vibration of master St. Germain).

I use these items regularly as they help to actually clean various issues, offer a powerful protection against any negative entity and keep the place blessed and sacred.

  • I am able to see negative entities
  • I am fully trained in intuitive readings
  • Get to the core of the problem now!

NEW! Starting May 2023 I am adding a new method – soul intuitive reading (life coaching). I can now read your energy field, communicate easily with your soul and perform cleanings and healings. I use it now in every cleaning, but you benefit from it most when you book Live Black Magic Cleaning Session.

have you felt strange, uncomfortable or agitated when you tried to find me?

In this case it is your soul (Higher Self) showing you the issues that you should clean right away.
My method is here for you and it will work for you.

Black Magic Examples

  • some “friends” casted curses on you
  • experienced sudden energy drops
  • experiencing “failure” all the time
  • personal curses & voodoo
  • feeling shame, jealousy, anger
  • “something” is squeezing your throat
  • having “a stone” on chest
  • especially rituals from the past lives
  • rituals can effectively block your spiritual development
  • negative entities are often created and released to harm

My Unique method of removing black magic

Find out, what exactly my unique method is for removing black magic curses & spells.


For black magic removal, I am using a high-quality pendulum made from glass as it’s not influenced by any negative energies.


Detailed charts are used for the identification of every possible issue by the pendulum to remove black magic.


The actual black magic cleaning is done by pendulum and charts + my know-how and experience.


At the end of removing the black magic session, I apply this great healing energy that transmutes any black magic curses & negative issues left.

Why You Should Choose Me to remove black magic?

  • I am offering services like black magic removal, Black magic curses removal, Black magic spells removal with unique and expert methods, that you will not be able to find anywhere else.
  • More than a decade of experience in performing removing black magic curses, spells, and other kinds of magic & negative entities.
  • My black magic removal approach is totally different as by using my method I go directly to the core of your problem without wasting your time & money.
  • Literally thousands of happy real clients worldwide. Many of them I personally visited and attuned into energies in Reiki Seminars and in other courses.
  • I will help you to start working on yourself with my expert techniques and experiences.

I Can also teach you how to clean the black magic, emotions and past lives on your own

Private Lessons, Courses, Cleanings and Trainings
Learn How To Work With The Energies And Clean The Blocks You Have On Your Own

You can make it! It’s easy! Wouldn’t be great to get 100% connection to your intuition and unlock your potential?

I can teach you how you can fully use pendulum, charts and energies for healing and cleaning yourself, your family and friends. You can also use this method to help others by setting up your own practice. It’s totally up to you.

I taught people worldwide – the US, Tajikistan, Singapore, France, Germany, Austria, Poland, Bulgaria, Great Britain and many other countries.
Adonai – Essaya – Amenti

If you claim you are so great, why are the people returning to you?

Because they love what I do and they want to feel in the same vibration. This is not the knowledge for VIP, it’s for everyone. Prices I offer are reasonable and the exercises and work are both very explanatory. You can do it, too!

don't you think working with the black magic is dangerous?

I am helping people for more than 13 years to combat the black magic they face. It is all from the past lives and now it’s a time to clean and heal it. I have full protection from the black magic and full support from the Universe to do so. You can ask for the same and will get full protection from your spiritual guide. So far, my life is great and I am really not feeling any danger at all.

If you will not help me instantly, I will literally kill myself now

I would call it blackmailing and sorry, it does not work on me. Please understand that also I choose my clients. If the person asks many questions and 80% of those questions constantly repeat, well, it is hard to keep the urge to help from my side. Please read my e-mails.

I contacted many black magic experts and no one helped me. Why do you think you can help me?

Because I use totally different method than others. My method successfully worked for many of my clients and often there are instant results. Plus, I do not charge a lot – see the pricing page and let me know when it was last time you have seen prices like that.

I want my girlfriend/boyfriend back. Please Remove the black magic from me and her/him.

Well, it does not work like that. I can remove the spiritual issues you are having relatively easily, yet if you will not change, she would probably not be back. Please do not blame the black magic for any failure in your life – it was your doing and your settings of the situation.

My mother suffers from attacks, but she doesn't want to be helped

I apologize, but I cannot (and no one can) help and heal the person who did not ask for it. This is the law of Universe – everyone has free will choice that cannot be manipulated. It is your mother’s decision to be in situation like that.

Can you clean my karma?

No. It’s totally up to you, it’s your karmic debt. You can clean your karma on your by either sincere prayer, karma prayer or by practicing forgiveness (especially towards your past lives).

I already lost thousands of dollars in the past with others and have no results. I greatly appreciate if you can call me first at XXX. I need to get into detail with you.

I offer really low prices of black magic cleaning due to communication through e-mails only. It saves time to both of us. By the way, my prices start around $24 per session(when you purchase 5 cleanings). I offer Zoom calls with live cleanings.

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