Black Magic Parasites

Black Magic Parasites

These are special kind of parasites residing in physical and spiritual bodies. Usually they block people or divert energy onto themselves. This way they become more powerful while the person suffers the lack of energy. Many times these parasites can successfully pretend that they are the entities of light (ascended masters, light guides etc.). You would feel some kind of connection to them, but it would feel energetically somehow weird. It is like – today I don’t feel that great when I communicated with my guide, but hey, tomorrow it will be better. No, it will be not. When you connect to your guide, there should be only great feeling, positive energy flow and love traveling back and forth. If you don’t feel good connection to your guide, the main reason could be that it is not your guide, but some entity pretending to be. If you continue with this connections to them, you would be connected to the dark side and be influenced by black magic parasites.

So, how to clean these black magic parasites? I would first clean the programs you have with the entities, then clear curses, cancel various agreements and contracts you have with them and send these entities into the light. The cleaning would remove all of those black magic parasites and leave you free from their influence. The parasites will never return as there will be any reason, any hook for them.

Kindly contact me and check my services, if you are interested in removing of any kinds of black magic, including parasites.

Can you remove black magic parasites forever?

Yes, this is what I do on daily basis. If I clean these parasites, they will never return as I usually send them into the light for transformation. Understand, that many of those parasites want to be free. They are sick with this given role. They would like to do something else, yet you hold them at the place and don’t allow them to go up or to proceed a different path. You would do a great service to them to free them (from you).

Do the parasites use magic markers?

Does it matter? Just ask me to remove them from you or do it on your own – by using karmic clearings and violet flame. Or you can use the sincere prayer.

I can see the parasites in my dreams!

Just let me help you or remove them on your own. It is useless to stay in this negative energy. It is a victim’s mentality. Universe does not care if you have connections to these entities and you complain about it, but you take no action. The Universe deeply cares if you ask for help, or at least if you show an action that you mean it. In that moment, the help will show up and you eventually will be successful in removing them. And at the end, you would end up with many pleasant dreams.

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