Rituals of Black Magic


These were very popular in our previous incarnations. We used rituals to invoke (create) entities from other dimensions and realms to harm others. We all played these games of hatred and love in last tens of thousands years. This time is already over from December 2012 (the 12/12/12 and 12/21/2012) when we entered so called Golden Age. It’s time to improve yourself. And probably that’s why you visited my website.

There are many types of rituals. They can be personal ones – created by someone with a specific purpose of harming you. There can be family curses – affecting not only physical and current family, but your spiritual family – connected entities, deceased souls, various spirits and others. All of those rituals are also touching us on the global scale – the global rituals for the humanity. Many of the rituals were meant to be positive and working positively on us. But as it works with people, there is always some kind of manipulation on behalf of the person who creates the ritual.

Some of my clients went through the rituals in this life – mostly people of Indian and Arabic background. I even had a client who was repeatedly thrown against the wall and floor until he broke his hand. At the worst thing, he had to pay for this ritual full price. Of course, the ritual itself did not work as intended. When he contacted me, he already had some entities hooked on him. Well, after first check he had karmic bonds with the performer and his entities. All of them I have removed and cleaned the issues.

These rituals are not necessary as they bring more harm than use. If someone offers you to go through any ritual, I recommend you to refuse and withdraw from it. It is like that person or you just call any entity who would first help and then take over you – this life and next lives it would continue until cancelled.

Most of the rituals I clean are from the ancient times. Usually the sacrificed animals served as a “bridge” to other worlds and dimensions. Nowadays we know, that they actually did not need those sacrifices at all as the human mind can expand and visualize the wishes. Nevertheless, the rituals are still with us and we need to remove them.

I personally use pendulum, specifically designed and created charts that can efficiently help to remove any ritual. Ritual is just an energy that me or you can clean and remove. I met many people who claim that this is not possible and I am always happily showing them that it is possible.

Scammers are charging a lot ritual removal, but they never provide any service that really works. The would just cash on you and leave you empty handed. I once got a client, a maid, who worked hard in Dubai to raise the cash for herself and her family. She fell in the hands of the scammer who convinced her to give most of what she had earned – USD 27,000. He promised her to remove various rituals, and yet he provided no service that worked. He practically robbed the family of that honest working woman.

Another person, a Muslim, told me that “shaman” charged him a couple thousands for small “clay statue”. Five year old could create better statue than this guy. Shaman performed specific ritual on that statue (I personally call it “the drama theatre”) with sounds and lights. Of course, the fire was there, too. The result was that man was charged money, he received lousy statue, he has seen “theatre” and got eventually some black magic entities as bonus. Was this worthy?

My services, on the other hand, are very affordable, so practically everyone can pay for them and doesn’t break the bank. Even in the moment, if the person cannot pay for removing the ritual, the Universe steps in and offers the high quality and free energy of violet flame.

According to my experience, it’s not the fear, money or little knowledge – it’s practically always the laziness of the person. Yes, people are usually lazy as they do not want to step out of their comfort zone. I always tell them to use the violet flame as it can help them so much – it’s easy to use, yet very powerful. And I always add that is completely free. So, if you prefer to have the rituals cleaned and bonds removed, why not to use the violet flame? No, I just heard millions of excuses why it is not possible to use the violet flame at the moment.

I clean rituals from people on daily basis. I remove various entities connected to them, cancel contracts and agreements and also clean people. Please do not forget that many times you were not only the victim, but also the perpetrator – the person who manipulated others through rituals. This I clean too.

Rituals can and actually they do affect all families. Not only the physical family but also the spiritual ones. It is a group of people, souls in state of transfer, other entities, etc. It is usually larger than current family of the person. In this case, I clean the issues with all of those + I cut the cords with them, so they do not influence and steal each other energies.

At the end of healing and cleaning, I apply the violet flame and special symbols to continue with the healing. Every ritual I faced has been successfully cleaned and removed. Very often I am able to return the part of energies that was stolen from people as well.

If you suspect that you have come under the ritual, or you feel that you are under any kind of black magic, kindly contact me. I can help you!

Are rituals dangerous?

Rituals brought some entities into your life in the past lives. It was either you or someone else who played with those entities and this way you have “paid” the price. You are still alive, if you have asked me this question, so no, they are not dangerous. The entities and energies released and activated by the rituals are the problem that has to be faced.

You mentioned entities created by black magic rituals. Do they stay with us forever?

The entities can be easily removed when the reason why the rituals were created is cleaned. I use pendulum, charts and energies to clean any black magic instantly. i remove any entity while using those techniques.

I am such a good person, so why someone could hurt me like that?

Define a good person. You may drive Prius, ride a bike to save the planet and help old ladies to cross the street, yet it is your past (past lives) that defines you. As many of us, we all played with various kinds of black magic in the past. We all created entities in rituals, giving them life and pampering them. This should end now, otherwise we will never leave this circle.

If you remove the ritual, will the ghosts and spirits haunt you and me?

No. Idea of the punishment is old as the humanity itself. If I cut the cords with the entities responsible for the ritual attacks, clean you and those entities and later I send them into the light, nothing bad will happen. Neither to me, or to you. The ritual or rituals are completely removed and healed and connected entities will never bother you again as they cease to exist.

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