Black Magic Scams

The Most Common And Unbelievable Black Magic Scams

On this page I will present the most common examples of contemporary black magic scams. No one is immune to scammers, even the smart from the smartest. Is really interesting to see that most of the victims are from nations or religions that put the family first. In my experience these victims are usually Indians, Arabs, Muslims or Chinese nationals.

So let me help you with showing you the most common scams:

1. Blocked Sexual Chakra

Let’s start with my favorite. Practically every “healer” will tell you the same – you have blocked this chakra due to “bad and sinful” behavior or connections in the past lives. Also, if case you have a sexual partner, he/she is manipulating you through this energy. These scams are very popular in obscure esoteric TV shows and Internet. Now, I understand that there must be a bit of truth in it. But I am sorry, I see and hear this scam too often to consider it to be true.

2. Threats

So typical for all kinds of manipulative sociopaths. Works the following way: the scammer gains the trust of the victim and then he/she starts the process of manipulation. Scammer will gradually ask for more and more money in order to solve and clean “hardcore black magic” as new one is always “created”. Because he is a professional and the victim cannot understand how hard he works. When the victim tries to leave this “friendship”, the scammer hits hard: from now on I will cast the black magic on you and your family unless you start paying me more.

Scared clients usually pay this ransom until they are exhausted and money drained. The scammer psychologically influences the victim, so the client starts to see the black magic everywhere: in the relationship, in headache he had in the morning, in sudden constipation (I had client like that!), in sudden money loss (well, usually in favour to scammer). The best solution is instantly cut all the contacts with scammer and block all the possible communication – email, phone, social networks. And please, do not pay a penny to that person anymore! Examples: a person paid more than CAD 5000, another one GBP 3500, another USD 6000 and the list goes on.

3. Prophecy

Many times I was surprised how many people can fall for these kinds of scams but now I understand that it’s just psychology and social engineering. The client usually gets a reading that something terrible will happen or he/she will get married soon etc. Regarding this I can only say, that the “fate” is changeable and if you’ll receive a prophecy, it doesn’t mean that it’s unchangeable. There is always a chance for change as you are your own creator. YOU CAN CHANGE IT! My favourite was a client who got reading that she would marry Dubai sheikh very soon. I just loved that! I still wonder how the palm reader could find this exact information in limited tarot cards count, but whatever.

4. Exclusivity

Scammer says: it’s only me who can change and remove all the black magic! No one else, so pick me! I am one and only person in the world who can clean and remove the black magic from you and your family. Once you pay me, the threats will follow. Solution is simple: please don’t believe that he/she is the only one. It’s highly possible that there is another solution close to you that could be cheaper and more efficient.

5. Messenger

He/she claims: I was sent to you with a higher purpose to help you. Pay me and will help you because God, Allah, Universe wants me to help you. You will not be sorry, my friend. I would add also the sentence: for a fat commission, of course.

6. Using ordinary things

For example: you wish a certain woman would fall in love with you. So, you go to the “black magic specialist”. He/she will charge you a lot and then he/she gives you an egg. He/she spits on it says something magical. You should carry the egg with you for 3 days and nights. Then first (but not second) time you see your beloved girl, you should throw the egg with your left hand over your right shoulder and say a magical formula for 3 times. Not mentioning what happens to the person behind you, I can assure you that this method just doesn’t work, accept for taking the money from your pocket. What would help is to use the violet flame and if it doesn’t work – well, maybe she is not interested at all. Just move on.

If you really wish to have all black magic removed without losing money, you can contact me. I have years of experience, I use a specific method for removing all kinds of black magic. And I don’t charge a lot. Just check my prices and decide on your own.

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