Black Magic Types

Know Them All

There are many types of black magic but I am going to mention just a few of them here. All of them were designed to harm, to bring the pain or even to kill. remove_magic_2s Thousands of years nearly perfected their effects. Here you can find the most frequent ones.

Curses – are the most popular nowadays, as they are so easy. You simply say “I curse on you” and the damage is done. The curse spreads over the person, his family, friends and then continues to grow. Many people use the curse without knowing that you even don’t need to say it, you just have to think it. Why does it work? Because YOU are the creator of your world. YOU create with your mind and your spirit.

Rituals – these were very popular in your previous incarnations. Rituals were used to evoke entities from other dimensions and realms to harm others. We all played these games of hatred and love in last tens of thousands years. This time is already over from December 2012 (the 12/12/12 and 12/21/2012) when we entered so called Golden Age. It’s time to improve yourself. And that’s why you found this website.

Voodoo – many people nowadays are unaware of their voodoo possession. Imagine yourself, living about 20 000 years ago and using voodoo against your enemies. They died and so did you later too. The black magic created by you has a still impact on your life. It didn’t disappeared, it’s still here. It can only be removed by black magic cleaning. Playing with voodoo dolls never pays off.

Annexed souls – when a person dies, he/she is not always willing to leave the Earth for the next incarnation. There are many reasons why they do this. Mostly it’s because they don’t realize they are dead. They think they “have to finish something” before they leave. But how you can finish something when you don’t have a physical body? These souls stay on Earth and because they need energy they start to take from humans. It can be very debilitating for those involved. Drug, alcohol or other abusive substance users are usually victims of annexed souls as these look for someone weak and manipulable.

Parasites of suicide – they will do anything for a person to commit a suicide. Parasites become then stronger and more powerful

Black magic parasites residing in physical and spiritual bodies. Usually they block or divert energy onto themselves. This way they become more powerful while the person suffers the lack of energy.

Various negative programs running in the subconscious mind. All of us have different kinds of negative programs constantly running in our minds. We got the from the family, relatives, people around us, religious leaders, teachers etc. These programs along the other programs were imprinted to us up to age of 8. Some of them could be also linked to our previous incarnations or to family patterns up to 10 generations back.

Spells, etc.

All above mentioned black magic types can be removed forever. The only thing you will need is your own will to remove them. I will take care of the rest. Please know that it’s always your choice if the black magic remains in your life or not. The key is in your hands.