Deeper Knowledge

Are you more interested in clearing of the black magic? Great, I can help you. I organize private energy charged classes around the world. Let me join you on your way to the Light.

Don’t expect me to talk and “teach” with you just listening with open mouth. You will also work a lot in a practical part.

What you receive:

  • 2 or 3 -day class charged with positive and healing energies
  • learning and perfecting the Violet flame technique
  • individual approach to each client
  • Reiki attunements levels 1-4 + certificates
  • master other beneficial and spiritual energies as well
  • learn how to clean the black magic on your own – this is why most of people apply
  • learn how to easily connect to the Light and actually get connected to the Light
  • your guides will be reconnected to you and all blocks, karmic connections, negative agreements and curses will be cleaned and removed
  • cleaning of your deeply rooted issues
  • spiritual symbols that you can actively use in your daily life on yourself and your close ones

What I require:

  • you bear the cost of transport and lodging


  • USD 690 total per class (max 4 people) so you can share the cost with your friends or family, if you prefer.

Or, if you wish, you can come to me to Sofia or Plovdiv, Bulgaria (I currently live in Plovdiv, Bulgaria which is easily accessed from London Stansted airport by Ryanair). Both cities are wonderful places with vibrant old town and reasonable prices for accommodation and food options.

Interested? Just drop me an e-mail tomas(at)

If you already have Reiki attunement, you can get other energies and attunements instead. We can always discuss it.