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Please read this Before Contacting Me

  • Recently a lot of people started to contact me with lengthy emails describing their problems and issues. They ask me to help them immediately and for free claiming that it’s my duty to help them. They believe that I have some supernatural power removing all their issues once and for all.
  • Please understand that it takes about 45 minutes for me to make just one cleaning session. You are not only paying for what I studied and perfected but also for my private time. I have a regular job like you. I could use my free time differently. Please respect it. I believe the price is fair, especially for American clients (I used to live in the US so I know the prices there).
  • I really love what I am doing. Helping people makes me feel much better in this wonderful world. I charge for every service I provide because I also need to pay: web services and administration, domains, laptop, Internet connection,  taxes but most importantly my never ending education. Please respect that.
  • For those who don’t want to pay for any reason there is the Violet flame. Despite it’s free, it’s also super powerful healing and cleaning technique. Those who use it daily will agree with that. If you can’t afford my services, just use the Violet flame described on my website. It’s a gift from Master St. Germain to humanity, to you.
  • If you hurry so much, or you cannot pay, you can always use the services of my “colleagues”.
  • I answer every e-mail sent to me (unless it’s a spam). If you have not received the answer in next couple days, it got either lost in the depth of Internet or (and it happens pretty often) you misspelled your e-mail address when writing to me. If you don’t receive your answer, please do not hesitate and contact me. I will be happy to help you, even with the short answer. Something is always better than nothing.
  • I really try to help or at least to give advice to every person who seeks help. But I am not the one who can save you. Some people just ask for help but they are not able to do anything else except sitting and waiting for a change to manifest. The cleaning doesn’t work this way. Client should be active in all fields – physical, mental and spiritual and be willing to change. Otherwise it’s just a waste of time.

Do you need immediate help or have a question? Just send me an email to address below or use form on the right.

tomas (at)

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