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Is removing the black magic dangerous? I am afraid of any voodoo stuff

No, it’s absolutely safe. You have been fighting with it in many incarnations. Sometimes you’ve called it bad luck, fate or just the will of God. The truth is that you had to go through this experience. Now is the time to clean yourself and aim higher. The point of all cleaning is to release the blocks up to that level, where you could clean it on your own. Don’t forget that you are the sole creator of your life.

Can you please describe the process of cleaning?

After the payment, I use the pendulum and charts to find the roots of your problems. Then I connect spiritually to Master St. Germain and start cleaning with pendulum and charts. There’s always more than just one issue. The session ends when I cannot see any more issues for cleaning. When I finish the session, I apply a Violet Flame energy to charge and protect you. It can take up to 45 minutes. I always encourage my clients to start cleaning and healing themselves. Use the Violet flame, it’s amazing healing tool for everyone on this planet.

How do I know that you removed the black magic?

My clients usually feel that their blockages were released and they feel much better than before, kind of lighter. However it’s up to the perception of an individual. After the cleaning, I will send you a short email describing what was cleaned and released, plus I include the tips, what you may change in your life to feel always like this.

I don't believe in any magic, I think it's some kind of scheme you to get rich quickly

You don’t need to believe in it at all. You don’t even need to know how it works. The only thing you need is your desire to get rid of it. Consider it as an experiment. By the way, I have a regular job with irregular working hours. I created this website merely for being a service for people, who would like to change their lives for better. Also I think the price I charge is pretty reasonable. Anyway, when I will become a millionaire I will let you know 🙂

One particular person hates me and I would like to harm him or her. Can you help with it?

Absolutely not! I can help you to overcome obstacles and speed up your spiritual development as there’s always a reason why particularly this person hates you. But I will never ever harm any person using magic. As you might know, there is law: what you give is what you get. Give love instead of hatred. Change yourself before you change others

I need to clean my karma, what should I do?

You can either use the prayer of forgiveness or you can visit Judy Satori’s website. She has many karmic clearing audios that can help you on your way to ascension. Also, Judy’s SoundCloud account is full of free karmic clearings and energy distortion cleanings. It’s worth of visit.

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