How It Works

The Tools I Use For Black Magic Removal

Black magic is nothing more than negative energy that dark entities and/or people consciously imposed on you. To clean any types of black magic, I always use following tools and energies:

High quality pendulum

I personally never use pendulums with any precious stones. These stones are very receptive to negative energy which later remains in it and later has negative influence to cleansing process. The best pendulums are from genuine glass and metals because these materials are totally neutral. They don’t need to be expensive. My one, for example, (that I am already using for years) costs about USD 12 and a specialist custom made it for me from glass.

Special charts

These charts were channeled and created by spiritual teachers many years ago. I constantly update them to keep up with the newest trends (usually the issues I and others like me discover). Charts cover all topics, issues, rituals, voodoo and curses. They represent a complex tool for an efficient cleaning of black magic.

Violet Flame and other forms of energy healing

At the end of the session, I finally transform all energies into love and gratitude using a special technique – Violet Flame. It’s beautiful, loving energy of the Ascended Master St. Germain and Lady Quan Yin.

When I use the Violet Flame on you, I consciously transform all black magic residues into love and light. During the process, I spiritually connect myself to Ascended Masters – Master St. Germain, Lady Quan Yin and Master Jesus Christ (or others, if requested at the moment). These enlightened entities are perfect companions for any black magic cleaning – it’s actually them who initiate and perform the cleansing process. All of them can easily clean the black magic and transform it into Love. The energy in the Universe works on the same principle: nothing can be destroyed, you just transform it into something beautiful or (if you wish) into evil. This is the way how it works. Regarding the violet flame technique – you can use it too! It’s easy to use, yet it’s very powerful.

Note that removing the black magic is just the beginning for you. You received an impulse of what to improve in your life as the magic you influenced you for a reason. Think of it, learn your lesson, read books, browse the Internet, just try them all and become a better person. It’s a waste of time for both of us, if you continue to think the same way as you did before the cleansing. If you keep behaving in the same way, your Higher Self (your Spirit or guide) will constantly be creating situations until you finally learn and understand how and what to change.

You may experience following symptoms

  • sudden flow of positive energy (showing the blockage was removed), “toxic” people seem to disappear from your life
  • rapid health improvement
  • the feeling of having your life in your hands again
  • lifelong burden of negative energies is suddenly dissolved
  • suddenly you start to feel very cold – a specific sign of heavy karma load cleaning
  • sometimes your health could get even temporarily worse. This is normal. The darkest hour is just before the dawn.
  • you may feel disoriented, having amnesia for short time and feel generally weakened


Please do not try to clean black magic on your own unless you know what you are doing. I think it’s better when you should leave this to professionals.

Also I would like to point out that during the session, I never use any “voodoo dolls” or other “toys” to disable the black magic effects. Everything is done professionally with pendulum, charts and energies only.

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