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Karma Clearing

Many clients ask me about karma cleansing. I am regularly cleaning my own karma and so I am doing the same for them. However, my clearing powers in this field are very limited as karma may be your task that you have chosen for specific reason. I am not here to mess with it and your free will.

Nevertheless, if you really would like to start clearing your karma, kindly read the information below. It might help you in your actual decision about it.

See karma as energy that must be processed and understood. It’s simple: everything you create, you receive back. You reap what you sow. It’s that easy. If you want to learn how to drive a car, well, you should first learn how instead of instantly driving it. The same applies to karma. From my own experience I can give you an advice: please do not look for “gurus” or “masters” who promise you to clear your karma on your behalf. It simply does not work like that. I learnt it the same way. I used to clean karma of my clients but with small or no success. Then I realized that it shouldn’t be me, who cleans them.

Clean Karma On Your Own

It should be always you who initiates the karma cleansing process. Avoiding this process – going for drugs, alcohol, getting angry on God or other people, blaming others for our failure, or (in the worst case) abruptly ending life by suicide. All these are just avoiding fact for our own life responsibility.

Life is a way of truth and love. Many of us have come to complete and clear past lives karma, when the souls have formed agreements with other souls with which they had complex relationships in the past. Thus we are not coincidentally in relationships with karmic partners, co-workers, family members, bosses, siblings etc. But if we are  not able to sincerely forgive, we will not clear our karma. Instead of ending the karmic connections, we then create new karma as we still keep rage, pain, disappointment, feeling bitter, guilty, shame, worry, anger and so on. If we can not break through it, then we will never get out of this karma circle.

Forgiveness Is The Key

Yes, forgiveness is the fastest and easiest way to clear karma. It works across time, space, dimensions and realities. Forgiveness also allows us to heal our past, which is made up of everything we have done to ourselves. I would recommend you to choose an efficient and sincere karma prayer for it – please see below.

As I said, everyone has to do it on his own. I mean that you should forget mass rituals, paper burnings, chakras cleanings, and other “guaranteed” methods or ways. Every soul needs to understand it and forgive and this is very individual.
Extremely efficient and sincere prayer to God, Allah, Jesus, Buddha or other deity can help you clean up all the negative energy that has accumulated in you and around you. Yes, it can be done in a quick way and yes, it depends solely on you.

Now, How to Perform Karma Clearing

Make the following plan: use the following prayer for next 33 days. I personally guarantee you great results, very good feeling and rapidly and significantly improved relationships with others. Breathe deeply and consciously when saying the prayer and working with karma. Repeat three times in row.

The Prayer of Forgiveness

Universe (God, Allah, Buddha, Jesus…), please bring me into a state of forgiveness to all and to all who have hurt me, whether consciously or unknowingly from the beginning of time to this present moment. I now fully forgive all of them and I release the energy of the past.

Universe (God, Allah, Buddha, Jesus…), please, put me in a state of forgiveness to myself for everything I ever did to harm others, whether consciously or unconsciously, from the beginning of time to this moment. Now I fully forgive and let go the energy of the past.

Universe (God, Allah, Buddha, Jesus…), please bring me into a state of forgiveness to myself whenever I harmed myself, whether consciously or unconsciously, from the beginning of time to the present moment. Now I fully forgive and let go of the energy of the past.

I invoke now the power of Grace and Forgiveness to transform and uplift my body, my mind and my heart. I ask Universe to be attuned to the energy of divine innocence. So be it.

Thank you.


I (state your full name and surname).

Use Hawaiian Technique called HOʻOPONOPONO 

This wonderful technique is simple and easy to use. The results are fast and astonishing. I recently re-started to use it again as it’s been years when I used it last time. Hoʻoponopono can be used in any situation, especially regarding the relationships. Betrayal, hate, anger, jealousy and other bad feelings in realtionships can be easily transmuted and removed by using Hoʻoponopono.

You don’t to have the person you are dealing with in front of you. He or she even doesn’t need to know that you are using hoʻoponopono. It will work anyway. It doesn’t matter if you are saying the “magic words” either loud or quiet. What matters, if you are sincere. It that moment everything will change and the technique will instantly work for you.

There are four simple steps that you say (loud or quiet) when dealing with the negative situation:

  1. I’M SORRY – when saying this sentence, you are actively accepting your responsibility in this problem (no matter what you think)
  2. PLEASE FORGIVE ME – asking for forgiveness instantly open the doors for karma clearing
  3. THANK YOU – the person already forgave you on spiritual level and your are expressing gratitude
  4. I LOVE YOU – saying this sentence connects you to the person on the a higher level

Repeat these words as many times as possible. Depending on the severity of the situation, you may repeat those steps multiple times. If you are sincere, the situation will get solved very fast.


Contact THE Masters

You can always ask for help Master St. Germain, Lady Quan Yin and use their violet flame.  As always, you can also ask other masters and archangels – Michael, Gabriel, Metatron, Rafael and many others. Note that these masters and archangels are always ready next to you. You should just ask them to help as they can’t help you without you allowing them. After you allow them to help, they start to work immediately. You can also ask them to clean karma of you Higher Self as well.

Use Judy Satori’s Audios

Another way to help the karmic clearing process is to listen to specially designed audio recordings from Judy Satori. i have very good personal experience with them. You either browse her website www.judysatori.com or go straight to her Karma Klear directory. Here you can choose the one audio that you feel suits you best. As Judy says, you should listen and work with only one audio at time. She is a fantastic person with a such great gift of speaking galactic languages. These audios can really heal and tremendously help you in your karma clearing process.

I will pay you to clean my karma. How can I pay you?

I apologize but I cannot clean your karma and karmic debt. It is solely up to you. This was one of the reasons you were born and you should work on it. You can check above for various methods to clean karma. All of them are free and require only the effort from your side.

Nothing works for me in life. I was told I have bad karma. Can you help?

There is nothing like “bad karma”. You have programs, blockages and some black magic stuff from past lives, but this is common. You can contact me and choose the pricing option that fits you most, so I can help you. Karma you can clean on your own by using various methods above. It is a waste of money to pay someone to clear your own karma.

Relative says that he infested me with karma. Please help me!

No one can infest you with karma, this is not how it works. Your fear in this very moment plays a crucial role. If you are afraid, you are sending the message to the Universe “I am not trusting you”. This is unnecessary. Please note that the Universe is always kind to you and helps you. Let go the fear and know, that you cannot be infested with karma. You can also use the violet flame to heal fear and any other low vibrations.

Why does God punish us with karma?

Karma is not a punishment. It merely shows us that our life and energies are out of balance in some way. Karma steps in and helps us to see – by repeating “the lesson” until we understand. And as I always add, just use forgiveness towards your life, past lives, others and especially yourself.

My 8 years old niece is such a sweet person and you are saying that the issues she is having are of karmic nature from the past lives? I still think that someone is consciously attacking her with the black magic.

Your niece has some karmic debt to clean. Like everyone else. We don’t know what we have done in the past lives. Living at this very moment is giving us the opportunity to start with (almost) clean slate, with new life, new body, but the same spiritual family in various roles. Your niece could be your grand-grandfather, for example and she came to this world now to heal herself and later you. She can relatively easily remove her karma with forgiveness. She (it applies to everyone) can ask for forgiveness and know that she will get it. She can forgive others who harmed her in past lives, but the most important that she forgives herself. For harming others and herself.

This brings long awaited relief to the soul.

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