Liver Cleansing

The liver plays a very important role in the detoxification process because it helps to filter toxins from the. Various negative substances can enter the body from different sources. These can be – food we eat, water we drink, and the air we breathe. Toxins can then easily accumulate in the body, which leads to fatigue, headaches and other innumerable unpleasant conditions of a chronic nature. This is especially true if we harm our body with alcohol, tobacco, stress and consumption of processed food that is full of preservatives. This is why the liver cleansing is important and should be performed regularly.

All those issues can be easily prevented with taking care of your liver. You can stop or at least limit digesting of those harming substances and foods and implement new patterns. For example, if you take a tablespoon of high-quality virgin olive oil and a tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice, this will dramatically improve your life. Possible stones that may already reside in liver will melt (slowly) and leave your body. The best time to take olive oil and lemon juice is on empty stomach in the morning. You can also combine this method with stomach cleaning (please don’t perform both methods in the same time). This is one of the easiest and comfortable methods of liver cleansing.

The liver is the most important organ for body detox of body. Especially in the both the liver and gallbladder are weakened and their functions impacted. They have a direct impact on a large number of health problems, including cancer, vascular problems and allergies. Toxic stress in the liver causes permanent fatigue and any toxins that impair liver function have an impact on overall health.

Liver itself creates about 1.5 liters of bile per day and it is our perfect chemical factory that provides us with a huge number of enzymes that is important for the digestion of food. Bile acids are formed in the liver cells, which affect digestion, especially fats. The liver is also storing B vitamins and it creates glycogen and cholesterol. Thus, bile is a very complex solution that contains mainly bile acids and cholesterol.

If the bile becomes too thick due to poor lifestyle, deposits, plugs and stones of various compositions begin to form. These deposits significantly worsen, preventing good digestion, but also detoxification function of the liver. Pathogenic microorganisms and various parasites can also live inside these deposits. Deposits inside the liver prevent the proper metabolism of cholesterol and the toxic load on the liver is responsible for the vast majority of serious health problems.

In addition, poor liver function has a direct effect on the peripheral nerves, which control our motor and sensory functions, and the liver also controls the adrenal cortex, which produces stress hormones. Thus, a healthy functioning liver means high resistance to stress. The clogged liver causes aggression, so the toxic deposits in this organ turn people into jealous, inflexible, clenched and hateful. Liver is not only organ that you need to clean regularly. You stomach will need your help, too.

My personal favourite method of liver cleansing takes some effort, yet it’s proven that it actually works. Here is how it works and what you should do.


You already made an appointment for colon hydrotherapy. You need to have clean colon before you clean your liver. Today is your first treatment. In colon hydrotherapy trained personnel enter your rectum with thin tube. It doesn’t hurt, you don’t need to worry. The nurse will slowly fill your bowel with warmer and cooler water and that will gently force you to expel everything that is inside your bowel. During the years, as you digest food, some residue of that food sticks to your colon and stays there. It’s like a glue and it’s very powerful in making colon less effective in digesting of food. Also, many cases of colon cancer start right here. With the water that slowly fills colon, these residues are getting “moist” and will eventually be expelled from you.

This treatment doesn’t hurt, doesn’t stink. There are no unpleasant gases as everything works in closed circuit. I guarantee you that you will feel lighter and happier. Some holistic doctors even claim that colon is your second brain and we all should care of it. After procedure please eat very frugally and drink plenty of water. Please don’t forget to take some quality probiotic pills as you have lost billions of colonies of those friendly lactobacillus. This is the first in your liver cleaning.


During whole week, please drink water and also preferably freshly squeezed apple juice. Avoid as much fatty food as possible. You will drink this juice in order to create a lot of bile inside your liver (gallbladder actually). You will need that bile later. If you can keep moderately eating just fruits (less vegetables, please, as they are harder to digest in raw form) it would be great.


You have another session of colon hydrotherapy. Please don’t eat any fatty meals during the week – eggs, beef, processed food, junk food, sugar etc. I know that you already will be tempted, but please try to survive.


Drink more of apple juice, preferably not from the concentrate during the day. You successfully continue in liver cleansing.


The last appointment of colon hydrotherapy. You should feel superlight (and a bit tired). Your bowel should be clean and/or particles on the colon walls should be moist and soft enough to be expelled when you will have a bowel movement on Saturday.


This is the most important day. Drink plenty of water during the day and eat only light, natural and non-fat food.

For liver cleaning you will need the following:

  • 120 ml (4 oz) high quality cold pressed extra virgin olive oil
  • 180 ml (6 oz) lemon juice – use only freshly squeezed lemons, no concentrates, no processed juices, no limes!
  • 60 grams (2 oz) of Epsom Salt – buy pharmacy quality and ask pharmacist for type you can digest this kind of salt
  • Plastic bottle that can be filled with warm water, about 1.5 liter (50 oz)

Let’s start with the cleaning.

2 PM – this is the last time today that you can have a modest meal. Please do not eat anything after 2PM, otherwise you’ll feel not good. Take ¾ liter of cold, fresh water (25 oz) and mix it with the Epsom salt. Mix until it’s completely dissolved.

6 PM – start drinking that salty water – 180 ml (6 oz) every 30 minutes. It tastes horribly, I know, but you can get used to it. Don’t drink fresh water anymore (otherwise you dissolve the effect) as the salty water starts accumulating in you. If you don’t like the salty water bitter taste, you rinse your mouth after each salty water batch.

8 PM – drink next batch of salty water. I recommend you stay close to the bathroom as your bowel will be irrigated and you will go there soon.

9:45 PM – mix freshly squeezed lemon juice and olive oil. You may put everything into one bottle and shake it or use the electric mixer to do the job for you.

10 PM – get your bed ready (it may get eventually dirty). Fill the bottle with warm water and put it on the bed. Drink the mix, preferably at once. For me this was the hardest part as I did not like the taste. Make it as fast as possible, max in 5 minutes, otherwise it won’t work. Go and lie on your back immediately. Put the warm water bottle on the right side of the body, where is liver located. The warm water will help with toxin expelling process. Lie and eventually fall asleep or stay without movement in this position for at least 20 minutes, or more.

In the moment you drink that mix of olive oil and lemon juice, your gallbladder will “overreact” (it barely had any fats during the week) and shoots bile into the liver. This massive wave that is supported by warm water bottle next to you will push most of the stones into the colon. This is the reason why you need to clean colon for this liver cleansing.


6 AM – drink another batch of Epsom saltwater

8 AM – drink the last batch of Epsom saltwater

In the morning, after you drink last batch you will definitely go to the bathroom. Please check whatever “created”. There should be “stones” of yellowish and greenish color. These are the stones from your liver. During the day, first drink only fresh water and stay close to the bathroom as you may need. Closer to evening, you may try also various light meals – broccoli, light pasta, cauliflower and other cooked vegetables. Still avoid any spices, meals with fat, sugary drinks. It will take a couple days to “recover” from liver cleansing, but I am sure that your body will thank you.


  • drink plenty of fresh water
  • eat various fruits
  • have a positive approach towards this method, it’s your body


  • do the cleaning when you have ulcers, high blood pressure, chronic illness etc. Just use you brain to determine, if this is the right cleaning method for you
  • continue, if liver cleansing is uncomfortable for you, you feel pain or when your practitioner does not agree with this method
  • digest any additional fats otherwise it will not work
  • overeat, otherwise it will not work
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