Negative Programs

Negative Programs

These programs are running in the subconscious mind of affected person. All of us have different kinds of negative programs constantly running in our minds. We got them from family, relatives, people around us, religious leaders, teachers and other authority figures etc. These negative programs along the other programs were imprinted to us up to age of 8. Some of them could be also linked to our previous incarnations or to family patterns up to 10 generations back (in a Bible they say 7 generations, but in real it’s 10).

In my research I found out that the first programs that we can clean are easy ones. There are from the past lives and are relatively simple to clean and remove. They can be connected to specific curses, blockages and contracts. Many people believe that these negative programs are the main issues of their problems but it is not true.

The main programs that are blocking us are the ones that prevent us from further spiritual development – 5D ascension. These programs are harder to clean and remove, yet they give up at the end anyway.

I offer cleaning of those negative programs, including the 5D negative programs. If you are interested, kindly contact me. I am sure I can help you.

Who created the negative programs?

There are many factors involved here, but the short answer is: you. In the past you went through some rough times (like everyone else) and you may have taken some vows. These vows were highly preventing you from further success in next life, when you had no idea who you have used to be. And in next life, the situation was similar. You can see the pattern and it will continue until you clean it.

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