Parasites of Suicide – Removal of Black Magic

Parasites of Suicide

These entities will do anything for a person to commit a suicide. Parasites become then stronger and more powerful. Most of the time, there is definitely karmic connection between parasites and the victim. These dark entities have all rights to harm a person as they closed one or more contracts regarding it in their previous existences. of course this lifetime, the victims have actually no clue about it, but it doesn’t mean the contract is not valid.

Suicidal parasites are often created by negative and low level vibrations in people – fear, anger, worrying, stress, etc. as the person in these low vibrations creates and invites them into his/her life. Their primary purpose is to suck the life from the person, driving him or her to the edge where the person commits the suicide. The entity would bring and create any situation to support the low vibrations in the person. It feeds on fear, anger, despair and especially apathy.

Universe supports any thought (good one or bad one), so if the person is in low vibrations, these parasites would come to support you in this kind of energy. Universe brings and creates the abundance. It ever grows, develops, multiply. Apathy is the worst emotion with lowest vibration. It does not contribute with anything to life.

Kindly note that staying in energy of apathy for prolonged period will have a powerful (and negative impact) on your life. Try to use the violet flame to get back on positive and creative path of life.

It is the same story all the time. The most important is to break the circle, so these parasites of suicide would leave you forever. I use the pendulum, my special charts and energies like violet and pink flame, symbols and other stuff.

My friend is considering a suicide as solution to his problems. I know that he has been recently possessed by black magic. Please save him!

Hi, please first talk to him and then search both of your for qualified help. I am neither psychologist or other kind of doctor. Kindly note that my services are additional to what he needs. Also, I can always help him, if he asks me, so I can get his consent when we start cleaning.

Can these parasites be transferred from and to family members?

Sometimes it happens. But it does not matter. You either have connections to them or not. These entities are easily cleanable and removable.

Why do these parasites exist?

Suicidal parasites exist only to suck your power and life from you through emotions. The Universe created them and as the creation you can remove them forever as well. It is always up to you – to live or to be a victim.

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