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Practically every person on this planet has some problems with abundance. Abundance comes in many ways like love, relationships, feeling satisfied, joy, but for most of us, the abundance means money. Besides its form, money is nothing else than a vibration. And we either are attracting, or (and this applies to most of us) we are repelling it. Money doesn’t judge us – we do judge money. You know numerous cases of people stealing money, drug dealers, unscrupulous tycoons – and yet, money finds the easy way to them.

In 2013 I discovered and went through Christie’s programs called Unlimited Abundance. It was designed to hit any “stupid” belief that we have about money and abundance.  When you work on yourself according audio files, you clean those beliefs along the energies and negative programs that are connected to them. It easily cleans all 24 abundance blocks – fear of growth, doubts, resistance towards money or “I don’t deserve money” block – just to name a few.

Commit to liberate yourself from the shackles on your energy and immerse yourself into an energetic transformation. Christie Marie Sheldon’s Unlimited Abundance Home Training Program provides you with the tools to break free from the Abundance Blocks in your life and promote a conscious mind shift to enable you to hone your financial intuition and allow you, and others around you, to flourish.

How does it work?

  1. you choose the topic you want to work on – dad’s or mom’s money views and beliefs, your love/hate towards money, the emotions associated with debt, credit cards, mortgage or money and God, for example.
  2. you listen to that audio, while you connect to the light (it’s easy and this when you start changing and upgrading)
  3. you perform the healing energy statements

All these bring strong energy and light that instantly heals and cleans you. Yes, your 20,30 or even 60 years old junk and repeated money patterns are gone and you feel and live much better. I did that, you can do it, too.

I normally don’t recommend products just like that, but this unlimited abundance program really works and I am very happy using it on daily basis.

Please note that I am affiliated with Christie.

Remove Black Magic, Karma, Vows of Poverty and other Blocks Through

Judy Satori Audios

Judy Satori is a gifted lightworker. I have good results with her Karma Klear recordings – I recommended them to my clients and they really helped. If you are interested, just go directly her website

You can listen to these recordings once or more times a day. It depends on the track you chose. The results are either immediate or they come really fast. They remove the blocks, negative programming and also the black magic issues (as there’s connection). If you are serious with the personal development you should give it a try.

I am not affiliate of Judy Satori, I just like her style and work.

Slowly Dissolve The Negative Effects of Black Magic

Animal Essences

personal development karma
I had also very good experience with using the animal essences for personal development. These remedies dramatically removed fear and anxiety from my life. These essences could replace those negative emotions with love and harmony. Remedies perfectly fit any person, who seeks instant cure for common body and soul issues. I can confirm that they work on removing of some black magic issues.

Since 1996, Wild Earth Animal Essences ® have been helping people around the world deepen their connection with themselves and their world. These vibrational essences are natural, energetic remedies that are made during a ceremonial process in the Blue Ridge Mountains of the USA. This ceremonial process includes attuning with and invoking the spirit of the animal involved. The resulting liquid contains the vibrational imprint and energy of the animal but does not contain any animal parts.

No animals are captured or harmed in the development of these remedies. They contain no animal parts.

I am not affiliate of with the Animal Essences. I just like their products.

Clean karma and karmic stuff through forgiveness

Prayer Of forgiveness

On my website I have a specific prayer of forgiveness. The prayer allows you to clear your karma and karmic debt slowly over time through forgiveness and letting go. It’s completely free and the efficiency depends only on your will and sincere wish. If you perform it right, the results are amazing and fast. I recommend to perform this prayer in time frame of 33 days (or more). I can guarantee you, that you will feel much better during and after the performance. With this prayer you actually cleaning all that old garbage from past lives. This clearing ensures that you will not repeat some of your life lessons again and will spiritually move on.

Various tips

Black Magic tips

You can check various black magic tips regarding abundance, money, love or spells. Also, I have an articles regarding sleep paralysis, yawning or black magic removal from your home. I recently created a couple of healing videos. These videos can help you to either energize you or directly remove black magic from you. I have “built in” a powerful energy into each video, plus I have included some really good symbols. These videos are completely free of charge. If you are not able to pay for my services I encourage you to watch those healing videos.

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