These I perform and include when you pay the price of cleaning. First I connect you to your guide and to the Light. Then we together start identifying and cleaning all programs and entities causing you problems like energy drainage, blockage or pain. Using pendulum and spiritual guidance, I carefully look for all possible issues in your current and previous lives. It doesn’t matter if you’re 60 or just 5 years old. We all have programs, energy blockages or even connections to dark entities from our past incarnations. Now it’s time to clean it.

International Price options in USD

One Cleaning

  • One time identification and cleaning of your basic black magic issues
  • One Violet Flame application
  • Connection to your spiritual guide
  • E-mail only
  • Not all issues are removed as this option is designed for you to try “black magic cleaning”
  • This option is strictly “NO REFUND” (for this price)

Five Cleanings

  • Five consecutive identifications and cleanings of your black magic issues on DEEPER level
  • Five Violet Flame applications – efficient and transforming energy
  • Connection to your spiritual guide
  • Basic spiritual advices
  • E-mail only, no phone calls
  • You should ask for refund as soon as first cleaning is performed.

Place Cleansing

  • Complete spiritual cleansing of chosen building – flat, house or land
  • Live Violet Flame application for instant transmuting the negative energies
  • Karma, programs, emotions, brutal deaths etc. that occurred in the place
  • Completely remove all residing souls negatively impacting the place
  • Deep healing & cleaning of property history
  • I will apply the symbols of protection for the chosen place
  • Full removal of “bad zones”

Blessings & Symbols
For Your Situation

  • Receive blessings & symbols for the situation you need at the moment
  • Violet Flame application for instant transmutation of negative energies
  • When you need blessings for your business, life situation or just the day
  • Powerful symbols application
  • Just describe the situation or choose the overall blessing and symbols application

Reiki Seminars
Live Healing & Cleaning

  • 2-day (or more) energy packed class
  • Reiki 1-4 level
  • Live Violet Flame applications
  • Connection to your spiritual guide
  • Advanced spiritual healing
  • Counseling in private matters
  • Learn what’s blocking you
  • Learn how to clean it
  • Individual cleaning included
  • Learning of spiritual symbols from various systems

Toronto Price options in CAD

CAD 177.77
At Home

  • Full & deep cleaning of you at your Toronto home
  • Violet Flame application for instant transmutation of negative energies
  • You also learn how to work with the violet flame
  • Removal of curses, blocks, spells, programs, entities
  • Application of powerful symbols
  • Short place cleaning is included
  • This price is for 60 minutes session with one person
  • Just drop me an e-mail to set the place and time

Reiki Seminars
CAD 895.00
Live Healing & Cleaning

  • 2-day (or 3-day) energy packed seminar
  • Reiki 1-4 level
  • Live Violet Flame applications
  • Connection to your spiritual guide
  • Advanced spiritual healing
  • Counseling in private matters
  • Learn what’s blocking you
  • Learn how to clean it
  • Individual cleaning included
  • Learning of spiritual symbols from various systems

What Will You Receive

  • Permanent connection to your guide – usually it’s ascended master St. Germain, Thoth, Isis (Virgin Mary), RA or the others. The guide picks you up because you have common connection from previous incarnations. All of them are much stronger than angels or masters.
  • Full black magic cleaning – thousands and millions years your soul bears this heavy load. Now, your Higher Self brought you to my website to get rid of it. I find all blockages, negative entities, programs and disruptive energies and clean them. You may feel dizzy, you may feel light and suddenly happy, you may cry after the cleaning was performed. Everything is fine, just enjoy it.
  • Violet Flame healing – after every cleansing of magic you’ll get energy healing. Using Violet Flame your all bodies (physical, mental and spiritual) will be rejuvenated and all negative black magic residues will be transformed into beautiful energy of Love.
  • Short report – after cleansing I will send you a short email to show what exactly was cleaned to the email address used for payment. In case you have any questions, just email me back.

How long does the cleaning take?

Whole cleansing process takes up to 45 minutes of intensive energy work and it’s always finished with application of healing Violet Flame. The Violet Flame transform negativity into love, joy and harmony. You may feel refreshed and charged with positive energy.

How do I know that the payment was successful?

You will get an automatic response that payment was processed. Please keep in mind that I am quite busy person, so you could expect the cleaning and answer up to three business days. I am doing my best to help you in shortest time possible.

How do I know that I was cleaned?

You will receive a short email report from me, describing what was cleaned and healed.

Can I call you to discuss the cleaning process?

No. The price for service is really low to make it affordable to everyone. In order to keeping it like that, I can communicate only through emails.

I have specific requirements regarding the cleaning

You can always add “Special instructions – in the Questions? Let me know here field” in PayPal or just send me an email if you feel to give me more details regarding your cleaning. Kindly add into your safe address list to assure email delivery into your inbox.

Do I need to have a PayPal account in order to proceed with the cleaning?

No. If you don’t have a PayPal account that’s fine. When you click on Order now button you will be transferred to PayPal website where you will be offered opportunity to pay by PayPal or credit/debit card. By clicking on the button, you also agree for the cleansing to be performed.

I have paid but I have not received any report or other information

Immediately contact me by email to resolve this issue. Make sure that my email is on your safe list otherwise the report I sent you might have ended up in the spam folder.

I sent you an e-mail but you don't communicate at all. What's wrong?

Please check the spam folder first. I try to answer every single email (except spam).

Can I send you an e-mail to discuss black magic issues with you?

Sure, just drop me an email using either contact form or directly to

Can you teach me how to remove the black magic in private and personal sessions? I would like to meet you

Yes you can hire me. Keep in mind that you will be responsible for lodging and traveling expenses along with my salary. I can teach and attune you into Reiki and other very beneficial energies as well. If you are interested, just contact me.


100% risk free – your money back, if you are not satisfied. Keep in mind that when you request your money back, everything what was cleansed would return back to the same state as it was before (it means, if you were influenced by voodoo, you will get it back).

Guarantee Terms:

  • One cleaning – no refund, please try this service at your risk
  • Five cleanings – you can require money back before second cleaning as the latest
  • Class – sorry, no money back at class level as there’s too much time and energy invested


There’s no scientific proof that black magic even exists. Please consider this cleansing an experiment. The black magic cleansing shouldn’t serve as a substitute of traditional medicine and its methods of healing. Please don’t stop taking your prescription medicine and always obey your practitioner’s advice. The service offered on this website is not intended to treat, heal or improve condition of any disease or illness. The information published on this website can not be considered medical advice, I’m not a doctor. These are the lessons learned from many years of self-study and observation, which is my lifelong hobby. These are my opinions or assumptions with years of practical experience with these procedures and information.

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