Private Pendulum Course


Invest in yourself! Wouldn’t it be great to easily and instantly work on yourself (and others) and clean various issues you had for lifetimes? Work personally with me.

Help yourself, your family and friends – become a black magic specialist or just learn how efficiently clean yourself

  • 5-day energy packed private course for 1 person
  • master the pendulum, charts and energies
  • receive more than USD 3,700.00 in a form of additional bonuses: you will be energetically attuned to Reiki 1-4 levels, Golden Love energy, plus you will receive advanced personal cleanings, extra symbols and energies to work with
  • receive the concentrated version of my knowledge, fully valuing your time
  • professional advice (more than 14 years experience in this life)

For more information just send me an email to

I will teach complete Black Magic Pendulum Course to one (1) person.

What is included:

  • 5-day intensive course - mastering of the pendulum, a must for any energy worker or a person who wishes to completely remove any black magic
  • I teach you how to remove and dissolve any curses (personal, global, family ones...), cut the cords with any entities and parasites (including suicidal ones), how to remove voodoo, mummy programs, evil stuff, how to heal the emotions and situations from the past, etc. Everything is removable and we will work deeply on those issues.
  • advanced techniques of black magic removal
  • make your pendulum a friend that never lies to you
  • we both perform numerous violet flame applications and use charts and pendulum on you to ensure that there is no black magic interfering with the process of learning
  • connection to your spiritual guides
  • counselling in private matters
  • full support during the duration of the course
  • you will learn what’s blocking you and receive tools, energies and symbols
  • each client will be cleaned from black magic and various negative stuff before and after each attunement
  • no one can take away this knowledge from you, you own it forever
  • you will receive all my knowledge and know-how which I've built in the past 14 years and which I've been practicing and improving ever since while helping personally more than 13000 people worldwide, I will not hold back any useful information from you
  • all learning materials included - high quality pendulum (exact type that I am using), complete charts including advanced black magic charts, attunements + materials with all symbols and detailed explanations


  • ATTUNEMENT - you will be energetically attuned to Reiki 1-4 levels - it means you can instantly heal by using energies and symbols yourself and others - USD 1,200.00 value!!!
  • ATTUNEMENT - you will be attuned to Golden Love energy, including the symbols - USD 2,500.00 value!!!
  • I provide you with advanced spiritual advice - priceless
  • plus, I have access to various symbols as well for Reiki
  • you will learn how to work with spiritual symbols from different systems - to heal emotional distress, past lives issues, to make energies to work for you and not against
  • special links, mp3 audio files are also available

At the end:

  • you will be fully confident in using the pendulum and charts on your own or for your clients
  • you will easily distinguish the truth from lie, yes from no
  • instantly and easily clean the past lives - yes it's doable
  • you get the permanent protection by powerful positive entities
  • negative entities, parasites, voodoo stuff, any curses - none of these can influence you anymore as you can remove them in seconds and minutes
  • you learn how to clean yourself, your family members and friends from black magic instantly
  • in reality, it does not matter how long you are cleaning the black magic, it's your enthusiasm and persistence that counts and makes the real change

We will spend with each other full 5 days and at least 5 hours a day

I am based in Toronto and Montreal. If you wish me to visit you abroad, you should also bear transport and lodging costs. Or, you can visit me in Canada - it's beautiful here all seasons.

The price is in USD.

No matter how hard I can try to clean you, I cannot guarantee the results. It’s due to various energies, your past lives issues and traumas or your role in life (that I cannot “override” as it’s your life). Please see these cleanings as an experiment. All sales are final. If you are not sure, if these cleanings can help you, or you have doubts about black magic existence, kindly do not order. Thank you.

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