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Deep Live Intuitive Cleaning


Powerful removal of magic from you:

  • my most efficient method of cleaning – intuitive reading, pendulum, charts + energies combined, far better than standard cleanings I offer
  • live spiritual cleansing of you – I use my tools + my method that is efficient
  • live violet flame application for instant transmutation of negative energies
  • cleaning of curses, programs, emotions, voodoo, blockages, karmic bonds, etc.
  • additional deep energetic healing by using powerful symbols and energies
Book a session using the interface below

I will perform one (1) deep live cleaning of you

What will I do?

  • use the intuition to identify the blocks, programs, energies, entities and other stuff that blocks you
  • perform complete spiritual cleansing of you (as much as I am allowed to)
  • apply violet flame for instant transmutation of negative energies
  • clean and remove curses, blockages, negative energies, entities, programs, lost and wandering souls, voodoo stuff, evil eye and many other
  • help you to clear the old blocks - emotions, various vibrations, negative influence, etc
  • remove discarnates, various negative entities of higher class, 5D blockages and curses, magic technologies
  • if the magic can be created, it can be removed!
  • clean karma and karmic debts (as much as I am allowed to)
  • perform complete removal of all residing souls that are negatively impacting the place and/or attached directly to you
  • apply powerful symbols of protection on you + various other symbols (years of experience and trainings)
  • provide you with advice
  • THE MOST IMPORTANT - I will teach you how you can clean that stuff on your own

I will work on you for 50 minutes. With my experience I make sure that your problem is treated in the best way.

The price is in USD for 50 minutes.

If you order this cleaning for someone else, kindly ask that person for his/her consent. I cannot work clean anyone without his/her consent. It's unethical and it does not work.

No matter how hard I can try to clean you, I cannot guarantee the results. It’s due to various energies, your past lives issues and traumas or your role in life (that I cannot “override” as it’s your life). Please see these cleanings as an experiment. All sales are final. If you are not sure, if these cleanings can help you, or you have doubts about black magic existence, kindly do not order. Thank you.

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