Raising Vibrations – Connecting To the Light


Many people find the connection to the light, not even mentioning raising of vibrations difficult, or even impossible. In many cases, those blockages are just simple programs that a person can clean and remove by himself/herself.

In real, the connection to the light is very simple and can be done literally in 5 seconds. I show you how to do it below.


Once you learn the technique it can be done in seconds. So, let’s start:

  • visualize the light approximately 300 ft (100 meters) above
  • connect to that light by literally visualizing yourself growing that big until your head touches that light and connects to it
  • ask that energy to flow through your whole body and exiting through your feet. It’s an energy, it will work for you.
  • send the energy to the Earth core (through your feet). There is a spiritual energy center within Earth core and you want to connect there.
  • once you connect you SEND this energy BACK through your body to your heart. (this is crucial step, you have to actually send this energy back to your body)
  • ask this wonderful energy to radiate from your heart chakra, creating a large bubble of light around you.
  • this is exactly the meaning of what they say “as above, so below”

Also here, you can ask for help of archangel Michael or St. Germain. Both are always ready to help you, if you ask them.

Same as with the violet flame, you instantly feel that your energy changed. From here the manifestation begins. You start asking the questions, use your intuition as this is the safe place.

On this path, you will go through many blockages and stops, yet eventually, you will overcome them as you will practice more and more.


You can use some tools to help you with setting up your goals and remembering them.

Simple Widget

You can search Google for this widget or use the link below. It install the widget into your phone, where you can tweak it and set it the way you like it. Very popular setting is shown on the image below. It can be accessed and edited by touching the yellow quadrant.


Do I have to work with this energy every day?

Yes, if you require changes happening quickly. Your life will change, faster you’ll be doing this exercise. You are an actual creator, so create the things and energies you want. Or you can choose to be a victim, it’s only up to you.

How many hours a day I have to spend doing the connection to the light?

As long as you wish. Longer is better in this case.

Any visualization is very hard for me

If I ask you to imagine pink elephant, what you will instantly see? Or a lemon, what is your body reaction to just a simple visualization of the lemon. Usually it is the reaction of saliva. Please, make some effort, it is not completely free as the investment of time and trying is required. If six years old can do it, you can do it, too.

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