Reiki Seminars

Reiki seminars (all 4 basic levels) are available. Unlock your inner healing abilities through the easy application of Reiki. Are you more interested in clearing of the black magic? Great, I can help you. I organize private energy charged seminars around the world. I travelled a lot – mostly in Europe, but I have also been to China and other Asian countries. Currently, I do those seminars mostly in Toronto and Montreal, so if you are from here or from GTA or Laval, you have it easy to meet me. Let me join you on your way to the Light.

Please don’t expect me to talk and “teach” while you will be just listening with your mouth open. You will also work a lot in a practical part because I will “push” you into it 🙂

Why YOU SHOULD choose me:

  • unlike others I really know what I am doing
  • I have years of experience and various quality certifications (I study nonstop)
  • I clean the black magic!!! and other stuff from you before we even begin the process of attunement. Practically no Reiki teacher does it!
  • simple English explanation of what we are doing, no spiritual mumbo jumbo information that you don’t need
  • short lineage of masters = high quality energy for you (lot of Reiki “masters” have their energies “polluted” by negative emotions and entities. This will not happen to you with me
  • with me you will easily learn how to clean yourself from the black magic, energetically recharge the place you live and help your relatives and friends
  • affordable Reiki seminars prices
  • after attunement support and help

What you receive:

  • 2-day Reiki course charged with positive and healing energies
  • learning and perfecting the Violet flame technique
  • individual approach to each client
  • Reiki attunements levels 1-4 + certificates
  • master other beneficial and spiritual energies as well
  • learn how to clean the black magic on your own – this is why most of people apply
  • learn how to easily connect to the Light and actually get connected to the Light
  • your guides will be reconnected to you and all blocks, karmic connections, negative agreements and curses will be cleaned and removed
  • cleaning of your deeply rooted issues
  • spiritual symbols that you can actively use in your daily life on yourself and your close ones

What I require:

  • you bear the cost of transport and lodging (in case of Toronto or Montreal this doesn’t apply)
  • you can meanwhile practice the violet flame technique that can really help you


  • CAD 1577 (or USD 1197) total per person. The price is for complete Reiki course with all 4 basic and master levels. I usually teach the seminar over the weekend as my clients have more time to “digest” these energies.
  • All seminars are taught either in Toronto or Montreal. If you prefer, these can be performed in your home (Toronto, GTA, Montreal or Laval only).

Interested? Just drop me an e-mail tomas(at)

If you already have Reiki attunement, you can get other energies and attunements instead. We can always discuss it.

What are the seminars good for?

You learn how to work with energies, how to clean and heal relationships, past lives, to clear your karmic debt. Also, you will learn how to use the specific symbols of Reiki and other energies for your benefits. Reiki can only help you, there is no catch.

I have seen much lower prices for Reiki sessions, so why you are expensive?

If you compare the prices deeply, you realize that my prices are lower as you would receive much more – learning, information, high quality attunements, personal approach. Usually the Reiki masters teach larger groups of people to put the cost of attunements down. My Reiki classes are private, with maximum 4 attendees. This helps us to communicate clearly and efficiently. We all have time for each other.

My approach is personal as I would like to make sure that every client can easily work with his or her energy.

I heard that using Reiki could bring black magic entities to you?

Some Reiki “masters” don’t close their attunements, causing negative entities to strongly influence the client.

This will not happen with me. Not only I carefully close all attunements and cut the cords with every client. But I also clean the black magic first before we even start, identify potential negative issues and use the violet flame to transmute everything that was released before and after each session. This all ensures that there will be no black magic entities present before, during and after the session.

Also, I work with positive ascended masters and I will teach you how you can work with them too!

If I learn Reiki with you, can I send healing energy to my mom? She doesn't know about that but I am sure she would benefit.

No, you cannot heal the person who has not asked for it. I did not make it up, it is simply a universal law. But you can send the energy into her “situation” to the best for her to happen generally. Universe will take care from that moment.

Do you teach also other systems than Reiki?

Yes, I have various systems to teach, however I would recommend you to stick to Reiki for a while. Reiki is not worse than other energies, it’s just easy to use and available to general public. It’s powerful, too!

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