Remove Black Magic Curses Spells


Spells are very simple negative energy blockers that are installed by negative entities, if you ask them. There are no good spells, only negative ones. If someone claims that will put the love spell on the person, he/she lies. These blockers can mildly influence the behaviour of the person, but they can be easily removed.

As with the spells, all above mentioned types of black magic can be removed forever. The only thing you will need is your own will to remove them. I will take care of the rest. Please know that it’s always your choice if the black magic remains in your life or not. The key is in your hands.

In my practice I have seen many different spells – on people, on specific relatives, animals (and used animals as victim), the spells on bad situation to happen etc. The most important thing with spells and actually with any black magic is to stay calm and know that you can always rely on archangels and ascended masters to protect you.

Most of the spells are easily removable, while the other ones stuck to the person harder. It is usually due to karmic bonds with entities involved or by karma generally. Karmic bonds you can remove on your own, you don’t need me for that. It’s forgiveness that helps to clean and heal it, so after using it, the person is free of any karma, karmic bonds, debts, spells or rituals that were binding her or him.

Some spells can have markers – the energy holding points, helping spells and rituals to stay with the soul. I remove them too, along with the evil eye, symbols, blockages and programs. Also, the contracts that usually accompany spells on rituals I will clean as well.

Can you put the spell on someone, so she would return to me? I love her so much!

No. This is not the way I work. Even, if I use any spell (which I will not), she is not coming back to you. It’s totally up to you as a person, how you deal with the relationships. If you have destiny to meet someone this life to fulfill the karmic debt, the Universe makes sure that you will meet. The rest of your life it’s up to you – you can have as many girlfriends as possible, you enjoy love and breaking up with them – this is your life.

When I visited Bali, I bought the object from shaman with the spell of bringing me luck. So far, it does not work. What should I do?

These are low level objects filled with the black magic. You don’t need them as they slowly “infest” you with low vibrations. If you don’t feel good, feel free to throw it into the fire with a thought of burning anything that is love. After that, you just visualize the cutting of cords with object and connected energies and entities.

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