Removing Curse with Unique Method

Remove a Curse & Get Rid of Black Magic

The curses are the most popular nowadays, as they are so easy to create and implement. A person can simply say “I curse on you” and the damage is done. The curse spreads over the person, his/her family, friends and then continues to grow. Many people use the curse without knowing that you even don’t need to say it, you just have to think and create it within your mind. Why does it work? Because YOU are the creator of your world. YOU create it with your mind and your spirit.

Curses are not new. They have been with us for eons, since the beginning. Many people contact me, if is it possible to remove the curse as they claim their curse is heavy and cannot be removed. Usually, they are just victims of some scammer, who wants easily cash on them. By the way, the worst curses I clean are from the past lives, not from this one. Currently, there are high energies coming to the Earth, helping us with the ascension into 5D. So, if someone put the curse on you today, you just laugh. Your fear is the main “fuel” for the to live. If you are not afraid of any curse, the curse that was put on you, has been limited and can be removed even by you.

Think of it, if the curse can be created, it can be also removed. There must be a way, this is the way the Universe works. I usually remove the entities who are responsible for curses to work and cancel the contracts with entities and people. Also, I apply the violet flame – very powerful and simple technique to remove the curse and energize yourself.

So, how it works with the curses? First, the person who would like to harm someone either performs it on his own, or he goes to the specialist. The shaman would cash a lot on that person, this is so common. Shaman will perform various rituals or he would just use specific objects to make the curse to happen. It all depends on experience and spiritual power of shaman.

The person (who is harms) then goes to the victim. Here, the most important part starts: he needs to pass the message to the victim that he paid for the curse. In this very moment, the victim “activates” the curse. Yes, it is the victim’s fear that curse is working and already harming him, that creates the binding between the negative entities and victim. For these cases, the violet flame technique is the best “first aid” to remove and dissolve curse’s energy.

There are many kinds of curses – personal ones (aimed on the person only), family ones (getting a family across generations), global ones (influencing planet Earth), dimensional ones (influencing various worlds) and many others.

I clean all of them. You will feel much better without these negative and unnecessary energies.

If you suspect you someone put the curse on you, please feel free to contact me, so I can help you.

Are curses dangerous?

Yes and no. They definitely have a huge impact on our lives, but according to my research they are not fatal. Many of them you can even prevent and all of them I can remove for you. Please note, if you can create the curse, you can also remove it.

Can a curse be removed?

Yes and yes! This is why you have visited my website! I am doing removal of curses on daily basis.  I usually perform the cleanings with the pendulum, charts and various energies, including the violet flame. I just remove black magic like this practically all the time.

Can someone put a curse on you without your knowledge?

Yes. It happens daily on this planet as we are just people and all of us we are having various feelings. Emotions like anger or fear can lead to creation of the curses as the solution (really a bad solution for the creator, btw.) The good is, creation of new curses is limited due to high energies currently on Earth, and even if they are created they are just weak. I recommend every person to clean and heal their past curses, not the new ones.

Tom, please can you put the curse on someone I don't like?

No. I will never put any curse on anyone you choose. It doesn’t help anyone + it’s bad karma for both of us. I assure you, you really don’t want to walk that path. Hey, I understand that you may not like the person because of various reasons, but why to harm other human being? It doesn’t help anyone.

I feel that I am cursed. What should I do?

Kindly contact me. Every curse can be removed, so please do not worry there. Everything has a solution.

Co-worker cursed my wife and she is totally different person now. Please can you remove the curse from her?

I would happily remove curses and other black magic from your wife. Does she know about that I will work on her? Does she agree? If she doesn’t agree with the cleanings or she even doesn’t know about that I will clean her, then I am not allowed to do so. Black magic cleanings require full consent of the person as we all have free will choice on this planet. In my practice I have refused to help many people, who wanted me to clean their relatives without their knowledge.

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