These were very popular in our previous incarnations. We used rituals to invoke (create) entities from other dimensions and realms to harm others. We all played these games of hatred and love in last tens of thousands years. This time is already over from December 2012 (the 12/12/12 and 12/21/2012) when we entered so called Golden Age. It’s time to improve yourself. And probably that’s why you visited my website.

There are many types of rituals. They can be personal ones – created by someone with a specific purpose of harming you. There can be family curses – affecting not only physical and current family, but your spiritual family – connected entities, deceased souls, various spirits and others. All of those rituals are also touching us on the global scale – the global rituals for the humanity. Many of the rituals were meant to be positive and working positively on us. But as it works with people, there is always some kind of manipulation on behalf of the person who creates the ritual.

I clean rituals from people on daily basis. I remove various entities connected to them, cancel contracts and agreements and also clean people. Please do not forget that many times you were not only the victim, but also the perpetrator – the person who manipulated others through rituals. This I clean too.

At the end, I apply the violet flame and special symbols to continue with the healing. Every ritual I faced has been successfully cleaned and removed. Very often I am able to return the part of energies that was stolen from people as well.

If you suspect that you have come under the ritual, or you feel that you are under any kind of black magic, kindly contact me. I can help you!

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