Stomach Cleansing

Stomach cleansing is fast and relatively easy way in removing bacteria form your stomach. Getting rid of pathogenic bacteria residing in your stomach must be your first step on your way to better health. Stomach is responsible for breaking the food with digestive juices into the energy and elements which could be used by the body. So your journey to better health should start here.

If you have issues with the stomach and you suspect the black magic, please let me know, if you need help. The stomach cleansing described below is applied only on the physical level and it cannot heal the black magic issues with your stomach.

According to ancient Indian system Bhaktisagaragrantha the person should clean the stomach regularly at least once per week. When we eat, the food is first mixed with saliva in mouth and it’s crushed and chewed by the teeth. Just in a couple moments it travels through esophagus into the stomach for digesting. And here is the issue: during years of eating (sometimes even overeating) our stomach becomes enlarged and causes that part of digested food never leaves stomach on time.

Next time you eat, just part of the food gets really digested; the rest just leaves without use or worst it stays and blocks the stomach from working properly.  It could stay there even for days causing us some issues like: excessive belching, poor skin condition, feeling heavy stomach (even if you don’t eat that much), tiredness, red eyes and continuous eye issues, etc. If you have these issues it might be worthy to try some stomach cleansing before it’s too late – like having ulcers.

To live in stress, to overeat, to eat fast without even enjoying food, eating the processed food – all these are the ways to meet your best friend who may be already living with you – Helicobacter pylori. These cute beings are living in unhealthy stomach and no, they really don’t mind living in stomach acids. They love it! Oh, and they are also, in a way, responsible for creating those ulcers.

For stomach cleansing you can easily use an ancient but very efficient Indian method of cleaning – Vamanadhauti.

It heals all organs and issues connected to the stomach:

  • bad teeth and breath
  • anger and other negative emotions
  • improves eyesight
  • heart quality gets much better
  • if you suffer from GERD, you should feel better after stomach cleaning
  • your skin will look better
  • also you won’t be tired anymore

How to perform it:

  • Vamanadhauti should be performed only in the morning before the breakfast. Prepare up to 1,5 liter (6 cups) of clean drinking water. The water should have body temperature; it should not be cold water.
  • Go into the squat position with the legs spread so there is no pressure on you stomach
  • Start drinking the water. During the 3 minutes interval drink all the water (or at least most of it for better effect)
  • Slowly stand up and bend. Create the pressure on solar plexus with the right hand and lightly push towards stomach. This makes the cleaning more efficient and fast.
  • Still in bent position use your left hand fingers to touch the tongue’s root down to the mouth.
  • This will result in immediate stomach contractions bringing you back the water that you drank a minute ago. You will need about three or four major stomach contractions to clean the stomach.
  • If you vomited into the bucket or the sink, you can analyze the content. When you start with this method the water will have green or yellow and black color. During a couple of cleanings the water becomes more brownish and it tastes bitterly. This is very good sign showing the recovery of stomach’s correct function


  • you can eat after 30 minutes of performed stomach cleansing
  • start with the lighter food that day
  • you can perform stomach cleansing once a week
  • in case you vomited less than you drank, do not worry, body will handle it. Next time you might have more success with it.


  • do the cleaning when you have ulcers, high blood pressure, chronic illness etc. Just use you brain to determine, if this is the right cleaning method for you
  • continue, if is it uncomfortable for you, you feel pain or when your practitioner does not agree with this method

Your stomach needs this kind of cleaning and you should clean it with the same drill like you clean your teeth. Your stomach will thank you for it and will reward accordingly. This method of stomach cleansing tremendously stimulates all inner organs, removes foul breath, over acidity in stomach and releases blocked emotions. Doing it is beneficial for you physical and mental health. Stomach is not only one organ you need to clean. Your liver needs regular cleaning as well, so please try Liver Cleaning.

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