Dear clients,

In my life I have helped (and I have been helped as well) many people to find out and clean their blockages, negative programs, karma, hidden souls, dark entities etc. Here you can find testimonials of some of my clients. I shortened and trimmed some of the testimonials to fit the website.

What My Clients Are Saying About THE Cleanings

Our whole family was in much need of black magic removal. My husband, my oldest son and myself all received the 5 day clearing package. We have a family member who is very active calling readers and intruding in our energy. It felt like we always had a black cloud hanging over us and couldn’t ever get out of the funk. We had researched help in this area and never got a good feeling about what we were coming across.

Let me tell you that he is the real deal! All of us felt energetic shifts the entire time he was working on us. It was amazing! If you are considering this, I highly encourage you to use his service. I am not one who normally writes reviews for products or services, but this was so powerful  and life changing I felt motivated to do so. Our entire family have all experienced a change for the positive after his clearing work. Eternally grateful that this healing modality exists and he is sharing it. Much Love and Many Blessings!

Nicole H., US


My name is Kiyah, I received an advanced black magic cleaning  about a month ago and decided to record my experience each week over the course of a month from my cleaning.

What brought me to the decision to contact him came from a palm reading I had during Thanksgiving of this year, during the palm reading I was told that in my heart, I was harboring black magic. I believed this to be true not only because I received a reading from a trusted individual, but because of the feeling I got post receiving this news.

I knew I was imbalanced and needed protection as well as help lifting this black magic. What made matters alarming for me was that I knew the source of this black magic. It was from a family member that I had stopped all contact with that dabbled in black magic my entire life. At the time I didn’t believe I was strong enough to fight this on my own, so I took to google and found his website, starting the journey of my healing.

DAY 1: The first day of my “cleaning” started immediately after I contacted him for help. I felt as if I was in the right hands and contacted someone who genuinely wanted to help. It easy to be skeptical with “black magic” and psychic attacks, but when it’s happening to you and come to realize how this can be reversed by love, your perception of energy in general is broadened. Back to the cleaning.

I was experiencing headaches that morning, which I don’t get often, but decided to open the email regarding my first cleaning. He began to explain more about black magic and how you shouldn’t worry and panic when receiving news about possibly possession or black magic into your life. You’re feeding into the negative energy.

The “Possession” for me made much sense. Almost as if I wasn’t me, or fully living in my body. I was very spacey, tired all the time, even if I got an abundance of sleep I was very fatigue, Irritable and felt a pushing on my chest at times that I could not explain.
Immediately, This disappeared. I was more present. And felt more energized, as If my chest was suddenly lighter.

DAY 2: I opened my email and read the second cleaning. He connected me with my spiritual guide, St. Germain. He explains how you can communicated with them and my thoughts were more positive. That entire day I experienced an abundance of synchronicity. Not only in numbers, but signs coincidentally in sync with my thoughts – 11:11, 3:33, 4:44 were everywhere. Reminding me that I am being looked after from my guides. This gave me a sense of protection and serenity that I needed very much at the time.

In great detail he tells you how you can more past hardships by positive intention and thought. All catered to you, and not just in general terms. He also answered each question I had pertaining to the cleaning and was very intuitive 🙂

DAY 3: He cleaned multiple souls that were residing in my aura. (Which made sense since I was feeling not fully present and myself. I assume its because of the souls harbouring and possibly feeding off of my energy.)

Following this I felt more light and free. My shoulders didn’t feel weighted either, like they had been for about six months prior to receiving his help. He cleaned the “Pathogen Zones” in my home. He stated that the pendulum sensed negative zones in my home, which were true. I also didn’t tell him this information or much information because I wanted to see if he was the real deal.
He is VERY in tune with his gifts and for me to recommend any of his cleanings would be and understatement.

By this point, I had no more worries and most of my negative thoughts have traded for a more positive outlook and higher vibration. I started dancing again, which was something I hadn’t done in a while. Suddenly I was the most creative I had been in a long time. and It was a beautiful feeling to not be blocked of such pure energy which is creation. I started feeling like myself again and during this I made sure to drink a liter of reverse osmosis water everyday.

DAY 4: He informs me that he accelerated the cleaning to the maximum. I felt as if the negative energy upon me was longer present. He uses the powerful violet flame to transmute the negative energy into positive ones.

He also reminded me that my angels surround me and explained how I can get confirmation that they are surrounding me. All very true because the synchronicity in my life was very abundant by this stage in the cleaning. I couldn’t wait for the fifth day of the cleaning.

DAY 5: He had cleaned karma and other blocks in my family, I noticed a difference in them as well. And explained that my physical body is more spiritual connected to my higher self. I felt this hole heartedly and had dreams of my future self thriving 🙂

After my last cleaning I continued clean eating and drank copious amounts of water. It has been a full month since my cleaning and have had nothing but great things to say about his work. I have started creating again and no longer have writer block. I currently live in an abundance of happiness and positivity in 5D. Something I may not have been able to achieve had I no had this negative energy lifted for me to live in a higher vibrational plane. I cannot recommend his work enough and guarantee that your life will change.

Light, gratitude and synchronicity is my new state of mind and he certain has the gifts to open these doors for you to walk through. I see myself getting another cleaning from him for the new year 🙂 I hope this helped and wish everyone a positive and prosperous life. People like him deserve all our love and gratitude. Without empaths and gate keepers like him the world would be a darker place.  With positive energy, Kiyah 🙂



I have never experienced anything like that before. My problem was that I used to cry or get frightened for no reason. Thankfully, my good friend told me about your website. After that amazing healing my life is back to normal. I finally know the reason of all my problems. Can’t thank you enough.

Elizabeth P., CA


I’d never order the black magic cleaning. Nevertheless, something made me to order it. I didn’t feel anything particular in the beginning but in the next couple of days I felt somehow lighter and relaxed. Today I’m much more relaxed. Worked for me.

Maria J., MI


I have always been allergic to cats. I also had respiratory and skin problems. My mother in law told me about your “magic” website. At first I laughed, but she persuaded me to order at least one cleaning. As I didn’t want to hurt her feelings I decided to order one. Today I’m glad that I listened to her. My allergies are almost gone after four cleanings. Although I think the black magic doesn’t exist this has definitely helped me. It must be some kind of psychological stuff.

Sandra H., CA


After your cleaning I feel so free and relaxed. Thank you for your call as you clarified the things I didn’t know. When I look back, I can see that I was a completely different person just couple weeks ago. Even my family and friends can feel the difference. Also, I can feel the energy going up and down my spine. It’s so exciting.

Criss L., MS


I was afraid of being myself before. I had low self esteem because they bullied as a child. Nobody helped me in that time. I felt alone and abandoned. Thank you that you helped me to clean those problems from the past. I’m not quite sure what you did but I’m sure that you helped me. Thanks a lot.

Murrieta L., CA


I remember that all my life I was not popular or even hated by some people. I didn’t know why. Thank to you, I feel much better now. Some of those hating people suddenly started to communicate and approach me. Now I know that all those problems were from my past lives. You cleaned my mental blocks and energies. The outcome? My neighbours, who usually hated me for no reason, invited me to BBQ and to Niagara Falls trip. Also my colleagues in work like me more. And by the way, I’m gonna attend a Reiki class starting July as you advised. Spasibo 🙂

Tatyana B., PA


I’m a spiritual person and when I learned about black magic removal, I became interested. I was a bit skeptical wondering if any results would show. But all my doubts have dissolved as I’m today really connected to my inner self. And all this was possible due to the wonderful guidance I got from you. Thank you again.

Ronald M., CO


I never thought I could ever graduate. It seemed an impossible task after I dropped two times. My counselor told me that only magic would help me. She was just joking but I googled it and I found you. Thank you very much for helping me cleaning the relationships with my professors. You were talking about karma and negative programs and you were right! Today, after the cleaning I’ve already passed successfully my first exams. My relationship with my teacher and also with my parents improved a lot. See how a stupid remark from the counselor helped me to overcome my fate. Thanks again dude.

Anthony R., TX


Thaaaaanks!! It helps a lot. I was feeling so blurry and I knew that my helpless feeling was creating all that I’ve just couldn’t get out of that dark cloud. Later I realized I was victimizing myself. I have learned a lot from you. Thanks a lot to you my friend. We’ll work again I am sure.


I’m thankful for your present in this life time and all your helps. More later, and God be with you! Thank you again.


Thank you for your kindness and time : ) Yes, I do drink lots of water and organic aloe juice too. (no soda)


Thank you so much for the cleaning, the valuable advise, and the guidance. I really appreciate it.


This was just wonderful!…Thank you so much! 🙂 Will keep the website for future reference!


I appreciate you checking & removing what was there. It makes sense that maybe those energy fluctuations are due to what you mentioned, part of the healing process still going on.


In your work, are you really noticing that the severity of the stuff you are cleaning is less and less since 2012? I find that interesting. I guess that is proof of how energies are shifting to more beneficial ones.Thank you for guiding me towards St. Germain & the violet flame. I truly appreciate it! I will continue with it & will continue researching on it and share it with others 🙂


Now I absolutely cannot wait to get that abundance program! I came across it about 5 months ago & it totally resonated with me. The fact that you have mentioned it is a go ahead from universe to get it. I will let you know when I do.


I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me & all the wisdom you have shared with me. Completely invaluable! I appreciate you 🙂


Thank you for everything. I will now process and allow divine light guidance to dissolve all energetic cords of attachments to ancestral karmic bonding.Your energy transference and applications have been invaluable. I will be in touch if I have further questions or require further assistance. Take care, God speed, and light and blessings.


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