Black Magic Tips

Black Magic Tips For Abundance

These are ones of the best black magic tips regarding money and abundance flow:

  • keep many coins (preferably 1 cent coins) in the dish. Add a bit saffron (expensive spice) on the coins. This will show the Universe that you require more money and fulfill your wish. Round objects with a copper color are perfect for attracting abundance. They are often mentioned in feng shui system as well.
  • keep a lot of cash in your wallet. Anytime you open the wallet, you will see the abundance. You can also take 100 dollar bill a put it on the top of 1 dollar bills. It will look that the pack is filled with 100 dollar bills and gives you the feeling of wealth. This way you positively influence your subconscious mind to generate more cash with higher value. Ask your guides for protection, so this money can never be stolen from you.
  • growing your business – keep the dish with sesame seeds sprinkled with golden color. Again, this is a message to subconscious mind: a lot of seeds (growth) and gold color (money, abundance)
  • use three drops of basil essential oil into the diffuser to create the environment for abundance and money. Use as often as possible.

Sleep Paralysis – Dark Entities Entered My Body

One of my clients recently wrote me the following email: I woke up during the night as I felt heavy pressure on my chest. When I opened my eyes, I saw demonic entity pushing me violently into the bed. I couldn’t scream, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t do anything. That entity has total power over me and my body. My husband was peacefully sleeping next to me, yet I couldn’t do anything. I know it was just a few seconds, but this horror felt to me like eternity. I was totally helpless. Now I know how do tortured people feel. Finally, the heaviness slowly disappeared so in one moment I could already scream and cry. Tomas, could you please remove it? I don’t want to meet this entity again. Please help!

I work with the black magic already long time, so on contrary I am really skeptical person. Yes, the black magic exists, also the entities exist as well. They harm (or at least they try to harm) us all the time. Yet, we have already “ascended” in our lives, we are more powerful. We have access to the energies and gifts that they were not available just a few decades ago. So, the influence of black magic nowadays is overrated and used by many scammers. These guys can instantly claim to you that you need their help for thousands of dollars (as it’s only them who are gifted to remove the black magic).

I offer you a different explanation. You were under constant pressure and stress from your family (kids) and your work requirements as you mentioned these issues in your whole email. These negative (and constant) stress will always end in a situation, when your body and soul need to remove the steam – in your case, it was the dream. Also, for you it’s a sign to slow down and maybe to reorganize your life to remove or to lower the stress and pressure.

If you need more information regarding this topic, you can go to this website (for instance):

I have checked you regarding negative entities or spirits. You had just a standard black magic issues in you, no big or major issues causing it. Checking the situation and using the pendulum and charts I have successfully removed the black magic issues. The rest is up to you.


This is a perfect example that the karmic clearing actually works. If you keep yawning a lot during or after the cleaning it means that your soul “spiritually reboots”. During yawning, your soul and it’s getting used to good vibrations from the cleaning. With me, usually clients yawn a lot when I am cleaning them and/or attuning them into the new energies like Reiki or violet flame alpha. It’s fun to watch them. As always, I recommend drinking more water to all my clients as it will help them to stay grounded and focused. Our bodies are made from like 70% of water, so you are doing yourself a great service when you properly and often drink fresh or filtrated water in reasonable amount.


Could you just put your attention into actually cleaning and healing instead of lower vibrations thinking? I have a strong feeling of revenge in you. Revenge is human really low level emotion and feeling. You want justice yet as a human you don’t have even a full picture what is happening. What if I actually tell that those “negative” people and others are your best teachers. What if this is the truth?

I feel that everyone in my life is the perfect mirror of myself, my soul. Hence every time something bad happens to me I could react with the negativity (as I sometimes do) but also I learn from it. For instance, when I am in the store and someone is rude to me, I see him as a mirror. And I ask myself where am I rude to myself? Do you get the point now? Btw. you could never use the Violet flame for negative purpose as this energy won’t allow it.

Call up your guides, angels every day, every time

These wonderful beings are waiting to help you. You think your guide or angel looks like a human? Think twice. People carved their gods and angels to human form. They even gave them human characteristics, foolishly thinking that gods should behave like humans.

Angels are here, eagerly waiting you to call them. They can’t help you until you ask them to do it. Why? Because it doesn’t matter who you are in the life you are experiencing in the moment – a teacher, a politician, president or homeless person. For them you are the god. They see you as a gorgeous, infinite being with unlimited creating possibilities. Yes, you are the god. You might forget who you are, but know that you are a great soul in human body. Not a human body with a soul. They see you this way. They see you as a partner for co-creation of the world. Not a as slave. You don’t need to worship them. Just call them up. One of the easily contacted angels is archangel Michael. Ask him for help or better for solution. He can instantly protect you from negative impacts of black magic as well.

Know that EVERYONE on this planet is here for a purpose

and yes, even beggars, gangsters, homeless people etc. are here for a purpose too. You have chosen the life you would like to experience; you have chosen your parents, your family, the place you live including the continent and the country.When you grow up, you look at your parents and say “Everything is your fault”. But it was YOUR choice at the beginning. You may not be aware of it but it was you who has chosen it. If you wish to change the way your life looks like, just click here. You can also order my services. I will not tell you your life purpose, however I can clean various issues from you.

Switch off TV and stop reading newspapers

Do you really need a daily dose of negativity? And what is it good for? TV’s and newspapers are sources of negative energy. Everyone working in media industry can confirm that good news is no news. Homicides, wars, child molestation cases etc. are aimed to you to create dramas. These low energy ways of thinking are not good for you. They create anger and hatred – all things you just don’t need anymore. I don’t mean here to totally avoid it, just dedicate less time to it.

Get a great positive affirmations book

from authors like Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra and others. You can also download an eBook from these authors to you iPod/iPhone. Try to read them when you have free time (when you commute, when waiting in queue for lunch etc.). I do it every day because when I do it, I feel light and right.

Get motivating audios

I have recently fantastic results with audios from Christie Marie Sheldon – Unlimited Abundance. It’s a bunch of audios in mp3 format, specially designed to remove your inner blocks. Each audio has about 45 minutes and is aimed on a specific issue – blame, money problems, negative thinking… Christie connects you to your Higher Self. From this point you can clear and clean much more stuff, faster and more efficiently than with the standard methods. She also advises how to easily clean the black magic blocks. You can get it here.

Pay attention to specific number sequences

Pay attention to numbers. When you see certain number sequences, you are being assured that your guides are communicating with you. As a result, you may feel relief. These numbers are 1:11, 11:11, 2:22, 22:22. In numerology they are called Master numbers (they stand on their own, they can’t be summed up). When you “accidentally” see these numbers, your guide is telling you: “Hey you, I am here, I am supporting you in whatever you do, whatever you start. Just don’t be afraid, you can make it”. This is the message from your guides, your Higher Self. One of the best black magic tips is to get more information regarding the number sequences. I often use Sacred Scribes website.

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