Violet Flame

Violet Flame

Violet flame is unique, beautiful and transformation energy from ascended Master Saint Germain. Using Violet flame every day could change your life forever. It’s so simple yet powerful tool. remove_magic_1s It can be used for removing and dissolving of old beliefs, thoughts and blocks. Violet flame is pure essence of courage, love and compassion and is available for anyone on this planet to change his or her life. There is nothing complicated in use of Violet flame.

Who is St. Germain

St. Germain is the ascended master, the master of seventh ray. He is very positive spiritual entity working with anyone who is willing to. He has the following qualities (among other ones) – love, transformation, courage, action, business decisions, cleaning the black magic effects.remove black magic 5

St. Germain is guardian of the Violet flame. Therefore it’s a good choice to ask him for help with the Violet flame. His feminine counterpart is Lady Quan Yin, who could be also asked for help anytime.

Master St. Germain’s presence tremendously helped humanity in crucial times in history. Among the roles he played on Earth I could pick my favorites: he was prophet Samuel, a sculptor genius Feidias, Roger Bacon, Francis Bacon, Leonardo da Vinci, Columbus and many others. All his actions positively changed the world forever.

How to use the Violet Flame

Once you learn the technique it can be done in seconds.

imagine the flame which has violet color instead of yellow orange.

breathe it in to every part of your body

breathe out  the violet flame filling the space about 15 ft (5 meters) around you

now the most important part – ask either loud or quietly St. Germain to transform (transmute) anything you want to change INTO something else

You will instantly feel that your energy changed. From here the manifestation begins. Many people just create the violet flame but they actually don’t change anything. Remember: always ask the violet flame to transmute something into something – for example hatred into love, feeling tired into courage and happiness, negativity into love, luck and success etc.

Do I have to invocate the Violet Flame every day?

No it’s not necessary, but doing it every day will tremendously speed up you spiritual development. I recommend to do it twice daily – in the morning and when you go to bed.

Is St. Germain black magic entity?

Absolutely not! Ascended master St. Germain is here to help in your own ascension. He can always lovingly support you in overcoming any troubles you may be facing. Practically there is only one condition to work with him: to allow him to help you. If you won’t allow or won’t accept his help, your wish would be honored as well.

I read that there are specific decrees you must perform.

This was true during the 20th century. You don’t need to study to use the Violet flame, you don’t need to undergo any specific training or attunements. Just have an intent to use the Violet flame and you will be helped. It’s that simple.

I am a spiritual person with my own spiritual guides. I don't want to work with St. Germain or use the Violet flame

Your choice is honored. But you could give it at least a try to see the difference. You may be surprised by clarity and power of Violet flame. Also, master St. Germain works closely with other high level spiritual guides as well.

I used Violet flame before but it didn't help.

Try it now and you may change your mind. Again, there are no decrees or training required, just pure intent of use is enough. It’s that simple.