Black Magic Voodoo Curses


Many of my clients nowadays are usually unaware of their voodoo possession. Imagine yourself, living about 20 000 years ago and using voodoo knowledge against your enemies. Enemies died and so did you later, too. But the black magic you created had a fatal impact on your life later on. It hasn’t disappeared, it’s actually still here. With you. It can be removed by black magic cleaning or with using very sincere prayers for a longer time. Playing with voodoo dolls never pays off.

The entities you have created by using this destructive black magic technique will set the energies and hooks to you. They can literally stick to you and manipulate with you until you or someone else can remove them. I start with a proper identification of those entities, the magic they used and if they are also living in another universe (them or their copies). After identification, I use pendulum and charts to clean the programs, blockages, karmic stuff (karma as much as I am allowed to) and heal them. Please note that many of entities do not want to live like bad ones. They came to understanding that they can be better and evolve. Yet, they are locked into the contract with you and others. So, they have to patiently wait and some would release them from the prison.

The system usually works in the following way: the ritual starts with calling in the entities who are working directly with shaman or the witch. Later, the person creates bindings and other connections through rituals, offering the food (better case), or slaughtering live animals (worst scenario). The witch commands these negative entities in various ways that I will not mention here. Anyway, the entities would eventually start harming the victim. In many cases, the victim could not bear and stand these entities, so he better committed suicide (it will not help either as they will haunt him in upcoming lives).

The person who created and/or invited those entities will suffer, too. If he would not call off those entities on time (before he dies), they would come for him in next life. In the time, he will not have any magic powers or knowledge as he would be in totally different place in totally different body. This cannot stop the entities and it will continue, until him or someone else can call those entities off properly.

Again, yes, voodoo can be fully removed, and no, it’s neither expensive or complicated. As I mentioned, the sincere prayer and practicing forgiveness can clear your karma and karmic bonds, that include voodoo stuff. Meanwhile, if you have any issues, kindly contact me, so I can safely help you with the voodoo stuff.

The prices I charge are affordable for everyone (pricing list). In the case you feel that you cannot afford it, just use the violet flame technique mentioned on my website.

Is it necessary to use the dolls for voodoo?

Why do you ask this question? It is not good idea to harm anyone as the energy returns to you – even stronger as you already knew that you can harm people. But no, voodoo can work without the dolls. They are just he energy holder – if voodoo creator can keeps the destructive purpose in mind all the time, he/she does not need any doll.

Can you harm with voodoo someone? I will pay you good

No. Not only bad energy will return to you and me, but Universe makes sure the punishment is powerful. Hey, isn’t is better just use the energies for good? We all came to this planet to help mother Earth with ascension – hers and ours. Bringing voodoo, this destructive force here is short lived victory. It does not bring you anywhere except that you will seek the help either this life or next one and beg someone to help you.

my mother was diagnosed with voodoo, but she refuses any help. I will pay a lot, if you can help her

I receive a lot of messages of this kind. I am sorry for you mother and would happily help her. Since she did not ask anyone for help, I cannot help her (actually no one can help her at this moment). Everyone goes in life through self set lessons and no one can interfere them like that. We all have purpose and lessons in life and it is very selfish to help someone who is not ready and has not asked for this particular help. You can ease her pain, talk to her but in her soul only she knows what is very best for her.

I found voodoo doll in my backyard and I am freaking out! What should i do?

Make fire, toss it in and consciously ask God or your spiritual guide to instantly remove any cords, negative energies, connections and entities. Burn this doll and issues with that fire. You can also use the violet flame method meanwhile. It is powerful voodoo remover and it is easy to use. After this “ritual” you are free from voodoo, no matter what others say. Kindly avoid any fear as it does not help at all – except holding voodoo and other negative energy at the place.

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